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Sleek Social Network tab icons


Note: I'm putting the direct link to my blog because I will be updating this icon set with new websites icons. No other reason.

Here's one beautiful and sleek set of Social Icons. Inspired by Tabbed Social Icons [link] This sleek tabbed social network icons are designed with a slight web 2.0 feel. And are great for those who want to use those icons which are present on DISQUS, Intense debate comment forms. It can be used with a beautiful hover technique to bring life in these social Icons. So here it is. They are free to use but NEVER re distribute it on any other blog/website. Link back to this article and share the love. Please let me know if you need any particular icon to be included will be rolling out a version 2 of this icon set depending on the response I get for this.
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You need to update the zip link because the online storage space got acquired by another company.
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This set has beeb book marked on my design blog. Watch: [link]
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These are great Chetan!
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Thanks Arjun :D
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