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The Art of Gaming [Original Header]

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its sad boy hours


So I was hoping I wouldn't have to release this artwork the way I am rn, but unfortunately the 'rona don't care about my hopes and dreams.

This image was rendered and processed in September 2019 for the artwork to help promote my radio show 'The Art of Gaming'. It took around 4 months to get this perfect, as I was also rendering my last profile picture at the same time to match this one. It was a tonne of work, and my first render since returning to the MMDC. Considering I hadn't rendered in over 3 years when I made this, I was really pleased with how it turned out, and I still am, even if I would change things if I were to redo it now.

In 2019 I had produced a previous radio show with a friend with the University of Reading's radio station Junction11. After a while, I decided to move on from that show and produce something entirely independently and something that I was passionate about- gaming. It would follow a rough essay-like structure where I would investigate a genre or discussion such as sound design, phasing popularity etc. along with EDM and gaming updates, and I would have friends and academics working in VR development on for interviews. Originally I was going to produce it for Junction11, but then I got an invitation to audition for a BBC Radio production in October, and so decided to move it to that platform instead.

Unfortunately I didn't get place with the BBC, but I got through to callbacks which I was super happy about. It meant that although I couldn't present with the BBC, I would just go back to Junction11 in November and produce it there. Then, the station was shut down for the whole year because of technical issues. This was a huge blow to me because this was the second time the show had been delayed and I put so much effort into the artwork, the scripts and organising guests, and it all seemed to be going down the drain.

Then, as I started to prepare for life after university, I decided to apply for Leeds Student Radio, and they said yes! This was absolutely huge because Leeds Student Radio is the most successful student radio station in the whole UK, so although it wouldn't be the BBC, it would be almost as good. And then Coronavirus happened. In the UK there's so much uncertainty about how universities will operate, whether it'll be safe and such. Because radio production involves being close to a microphone in a small space, and me getting to Leeds requires me going on public transport, and as I have vulnerable people at home, I've made the decision to postpone the Art of Gaming until I feel safe enough to present it. 

I'm getting a little upset just writing this because so much has gone wrong and I just want to get this show on the road. It will be amazing for my performance CV, it's something I'm passionate about and it's with a very prestigious station but everything this last year seems to want to work against me. I try so hard to make sure everything I produce is perfect for my ability, be that acting, art, essays or radio, and I want this to be successful more than anything. I'm hoping to be able to produce this in 2021, ideally at the beginning of the year, but it really depends on the UK's situation with Corona-chan.

I'm stressy and depressy but I'm trying to look on the positives too, so lets move onto them! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_


I cannot tell you how much fun I had making this artwork. It's for sure been my favourite to produce as it was the first time I'd made a high quality model. I had a self model many years ago but let's not talk about that lmao. Everything from the conception, to the posing and placing, to the effects was a wonderful process, and I had very little trouble with the conceptualisation. It's something I usually struggle with, but here I knew exactly what I wanted. I was really happy that I could get hold of the exact DS I've had since I was a child too, made it feel a little more authentic ^_^

As always, I used my first love NCHLShader2. I was so happy with how semi-realistic it looks, and it really helped me play around with the lighting. This render relied very heavily on lighting, and features many points of light to make it look realistic. The wire as always was a bitch to pose but it looks very nice once I put in the 3 hours haha. It is a physical model but it didn't look right with physics, so I posed it manually.

I made a process video a while back on my Instagram which you can find here:…, which quickly shows how this render developed from conceptualisation to final processing. I'll also be uploading it on my twitter soon ^^.

When the radio show finally launches, I will be remaking this picture. Idk whether I'll make a completely new concept, or just improve on this render, depends how everything goes I guess.


Model Credits: Chestnut Self Model (Tda Style) by Chestnutscoop

Base by Nashie-C and Tda
Head and face texture by Tda, ChieTheBeKoN, kreifish and Creinie
Eye texture by NJXA
Vest Top by 1999Katya1999
Shorts by Tda and Vk
Headphones by Futodoki_mono

(most of the above parts were edited by me)

World Building:

Bedroom by amiamy111
Cubes by Phamser
HP Laptop by Dennis Haupt and Maddoktor2
Wire by PaperGuitar
Pillow by xCrofty and Chifar
DS by MeryPinku
Phone by Clyriss
Bedside table by deexie and ValerieTakanashi

(most of the above assets were edited by me)


PostPointLight (x4) by BeammanP
ikClut by ikeno
NCHLShader2 by Nil
o_LikeHDR by Okoneya
AutoLuminous (x2) by Sovoro
ExcellentShadow2 by Sovoro
ObjectLuminous (x3) by Sovoro
Spotlight 2.0 by Sovoro
SvSSAO by Sovoro
4color by Wire-P
HgSAO by Wire-P
WorkingFloor by Wire-P

Assets edited and Chestnut modelled in PMXE_0254f (© Inochi-PM and 極北P / Kyokuhoku- P)
Rendered in MikuMikuDanceE_v932x64 with MMEffect v037x64 (© Yu Higuchi)
Processed in Photoshop Photoshop 21.1.1 (© Adobe)

Special thanks to my bf MrMercerMan for letting me process on his computer and teaching me the basics of photoshop, this was the first time I had used it. He has a very nice computer and I'm looking forward to learning raycast on it 

If you enjoy my work, you can support me by donating to my Coffee Page! ~<3

NicoNico | BowlRoll | Discord:  chestnutscoop#9443 | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram 
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mg440Hobbyist Digital Artist

This looks nice but where did you find the shorts? Or did you make them?

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ChestnutscoopHobbyist Digital Artist

The shorts were borrowed from Vk's Akita Neru model, I'm certain Vk modelled them but he also asks for Tda to be credited when you borrow them ^^

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mg440Hobbyist Digital Artist

Oh, so it's VK? I never knew so.

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jjj6Student Digital Artist
This is so amazingly well done!!
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ChestnutscoopHobbyist Digital Artist

Aww thank you so much!! <3

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jjj6Student Digital Artist
No problem! Your lighting is truly spectacular!
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ChestnutscoopHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you! :D

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