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Silent Anger [100,000 Pageviews: Thank You!]

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First of all, THANK YOU FOR 100k PAGEVIEWS WHATTT. Considering I've been inactive for 4/7 years I've been on dA I feel like that's quite impressive. Thank you guys for using all my effects and enjoying my artwork, lets keep the community alive in the MMD renaissance!

Also please zoom in, I made my little war machine render in almost 4k so please appreciate its hard work :3


I'm trying to go back to when I told a story through my artwork, rather than just making it 'pretty', and I think this is a good first step.

I've been experiencing a lot of anger recently, which is something quite unusual for me. Usually when things go wrong I react with sadness or panic, but recently I've been feeling anger as people let me down, whether that be in uni, within friend groups, or within my home. It's something I'm trying to work on as I need to recognise that some things are out of my control, and no one thinks any less of me because they know how hard I work. So, I made this piece. 

It was kinda theraputic to put all of my emotions and frustrations into one piece again, I remember how I used to express my sadness through artwork a few years ago and how much it helped. I should do this more often :D

I used this opportunity to experiment with a dark themed image, but with spots of very bright light. I was inspired by Raycast (which I can't use on this computer because it is too weak, my boyfriend has offered me to use his excellent computer for renders however we live a long way away from each other so Raycast will have to wait till I'm home). 

I absolutely love how far my posing has improved. I posed every bone I could and it deffo paid off. I'm most proud of the little details such as the toes, fingers and hair, as Rin is bent over the hair needs to be pulling downwards, which makes the overall image more realistic. I didn't strive for realism here however, and I did consider using Toon shaders to make it extra-anime, however I really liked the dark shadows reflecting the anger she feels, so I will save Toon for another day.

I did end up going over Rin's yellow boarders on her sleeves and leggings, as for some reason the colour didn't render. I did use ObjectLuminous, however they looked yellow in engine but came out white, and I didn't notice until halfway through post ^_^'. I don't think its looks too bad, i tried to shade it and highlight it a bit but it doesn't look as good as it did in engine



Model by YYB (Rin 10 Anniversary)

Jump Stage by User_Decorator (modified by chestnutscoop)

-SvSSAO, ObjectLuminous and ExcellentShadow2 by Soboro
-NCHL2Shader by nil
-PowerDOF and HgSAO by HariganeP
-ikWetFloor, ikCinemorph and ikClut by Ikeno
-Stillness by Otamon and Black
-EqualizerTF and SoftLightColor by Elle


If you have any constructive criticism, please leave it in the comments below!~

If you enjoy my work, you can support me by donating to my Coffee Page! ~<3

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tulf42Hobbyist General Artist
that moment when her darkness was born and Rin was filled with envy and rage...
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Sorry to hear that you're experiencing people letting you down. I agree though that you translated that feeling very well into this character's pose and expression! Keep your chin up!
If you work this hard on everything else, I don't think you should paranoid about people's feelings about you. You do good!
Keep doing good! 
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ChestnutscoopHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you so much! <3

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TheGhostLivesHobbyist Digital Artist
Freaking love this!  Awesome! by TheGhostLives  
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and she is ANGERY
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ChestnutscoopHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you!~
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kawaiikitty98Hobbyist Digital Artist


its amazing oh my god

also, i fully understand the whole 'putting your emotions into a piece' and i think you portrayed it wonderfully~

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ChestnutscoopHobbyist Digital Artist
ಥ‿ಥ this makes me so happy, thank you kitty <3
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kawaiikitty98Hobbyist Digital Artist

you're welcome!~

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ChestnutscoopHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! That means a lot to me <3
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Your Welcome
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