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[SHORT VIDEO] Hand in Hand Motion Excerpt [MMD]

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i never make videos but here i am and i made a video

[This will be a lot of text but please read, this has been a very important project to me and all I wanna do is talk and talk about how much I love this program lmaooooo]


So this originally was an entry for a collaboration video with a load of MMD users across the world. I was super hyped for this project, I worked very hard on making it my very own, despite not having made an MMD video for about 5 years, I really threw myself into it. This project was a lot of firsts for me, such as using raycast for the very first time, editing motion data, and creating a facial motion data from scratch (apart from the vocal movements, Ikirui did such a good job with the original mouth that I couldn't do better so I borrowed theirs). I also made my own edit of YYB's 10th Anniversary Miku, and I made the headphones from scratch! This lead me to creating the :Glow Series:, as I learnt how to make assets from scratch for the very first time. 

All in all, I spent around 2 months working on this project, finding time between uni classes and final year assignments, and working into the night to ensure I made a piece that was my absolute best. In order to use raycast, I had to use my boyfriend's computer remotely (we lived around 300km apart at the time of creating this, and it was a huge struggle with my bad internet but he was so patient and was amazing as usual :3) and my laptop cannot run it, which limited time even further because the process of moving files from one computer to the other took a very long time. All this at the same time as finishing my final year of uni, working my two jobs, acting, theatre tech, it was a lot to deal with. But I got it finished, I was immensely happy with it, and so I submitted it...

It was rejected. Devastated is an understatement to what I was feeling, and what I still feel now. I won't go into detail about the rejection process because it still upsets me even now as I write this as it wasn't anything I did wrong, so I cannot reflect on my own actions and learn from any mistakes. I also do not want to cause any drama with the leader of the collaboration as I want to believe it was an honest mistake on their part in inconsistent information, which unfortunately lead to my work being rejected, and me feeling as if I wasted a lot of my time and my boyfriend's time on a project I was incredibly passionate about.

BUT. Sometimes mistakes are made, and even if things don't work out the way you want them to, the experience I gained from making this has and will be valuable to me. So, with all the hurt over with, let's move onto the important thing: me talking about how much I loved working on this project   


WHERE TO EVEN START WITH THIS OMGGG. As I said, this is the first time I've ever used raycast, and damn it took some learning. I didn't unfortunately get to grips with using the different lighting models it has before it was render time, so I went with ol' faithful PostPointLight. But I'm super proud with how it came out, and I'm glad I went the extra 300km to use it lmaoooo. I even used the Emissive shader on the dress which you can't quite see in the video but you can on this image, and it's sooooo cute. As soon as lockdown ends and I can use my bf's computer I might start fiddling around with some Raycast effects...

Making this model edit was fun, YYB is my favourite MMD modeller and I love this model so much, but I wanted to make my own edit to really claim this project as my own. She's very simple, just changing the colours around a little to match the blue theme of the stage and accenting the pinks a little more, but I did give her headphones that I made from scratch, which I was super proud of hehe. I don't think I'll be distributing her, but I want to work further on the headphones and maybe release them as part of the :Glow Series: ?

I wish I could have worked out something a little more interesting with the stage, especially the white triangles, but I couldn't :(. Originally I had AutoLuminous up very strong on them and although it looked really pretty, it didn't give it the polished look I was after.

So I also discovered I'm pretty good at facial motions! The ability to make Miku a little more expressive made a lot of difference I think, and it was hands down my favourite part of the process. The facials at [00:35] are my absolute favourite, but throughout the render and especially while she's not singing you will notice many different expressions. I'm thinking maybe exploring this further and working on facial motions...

Also FORGIVE ME FOR THE FEET. I DON'T KNOW HOW PROJECT DIVA MOTIONS WORK AND I ONLY FOUND OUT ABOUT TURNING OFF THE IKS AFTER I RENDERED └༼ ಥ ᗜ ಥ ༽┘. I spent a lot of time correcting the feet manually but ended giving up because it was taking up so much time.

Link to the video ->… <-   

Also, I'm currently following back any MMD artists on twitter who post majority art! <3



Model: Aiiro Miku YYB and Chestnutscoop

Stage: RedialC and Chestnutscoop

-Body by SEGA, FlyingMotions-P and Minmode
-Facial motion (including eye movement) by Chestnutscoop
-Vocal movement by Ikirui

PostPointLight and KiraKira by BeammanP
KiraKira_coloursV2 by Chestnutscoop
ikPostFog and ikBokeh by ikeno
WorkingFloorAL and HgSSAO by HariganeP
o_DLAA by Okoneya
Raycast 1.5.2 by rui
SvSSAO, ObjectLuminous, AutoLuminous and MotionBlur3 by Sovoro

Render assistance by my boyfriend, who I will not name currently due to privacy reasons (I'm integrating my online life with my real life soon, I might credit him by online name then ^^)


MikuMikuDanceE_v932x64  © Yu Higuchi
MMEffect v037x64 © Yu Higuchi
PMXE_0254f © Inochi-PM and 極北P / Kyokuhoku- P
Photoshop 21.1.1 © Adobe
2.3.2 © Audacity Team
© Microsoft
Sony Vegas Pro 10 © Sony 
TeamViewer © TeamViewer

Song by kz

Hatsune Miku © Piapro / Crypton Future Media

NicoNico | BowlRoll | Discord: 
chestnutscoop#9443 Twitter | YouTube | Buy Me A Coffee 
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© 2020 Chestnutscoop
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It was really good! Not sure why it was rejected... maybe because it wasn't the full motion (like i did for my part and for the previous collab video from the same guy)?
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ChestnutscoopHobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhh thank you! The reason was because it used a motion data from the Project Diva games, and after I submitted they said I had to change it because they didn't like it. The worst part was in the guidelines for the submissions they said any motion data was fine T_T
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You're welcome!
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ChestnutscoopHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! <3
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Your welcome 🙏
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