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MMD/MME 4colorG_LGBTQ+ Effect Download

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my font is orbitron and you cant take it away from me >.>
So I had this idea during Pride Month, but because of other bigger projects, I never got the opportunity to make it. So here it is now! I'm super happy with how this one came out, and I'm really happy about the preview image! It looks really professional to me compared to the other preview images I've made :3

Please zoom in on the image to see the individual effects clearer!
4color is a post-effect that allows you to put a filter over your MMD render. This effect pack contains 14 LGBTQ+ flag inspired effects, and all come compatible with 4color, 4colorpmd and post4color. I also wrote a LearnMMD article showing you how I made this effect, which I encourage you to read if you want to get into effect production! You can read it here:…

Effect download link:

Please read the readme, and please credit me and CtrlAltDelete999 ^^

You can view the original render without the filter in HD here:…

See post4color_bi in action here!


Model by muuubu

Stage by amiamy111

NCHLShader2 by nil
ExcellentShadow2 by sovoro
HgSAO by HariganeP
o_DLAA and o_SSAO by okoneya

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It looks beautiful!

(FYI the LearnMMD link won't work, it says that it doesn't exist)

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yeah its down right now, should be back up in a few hours! ^^

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Yaaas ! OwO

Dl'ed uwu

Thank you very much !!

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there are pan and genderfluid filters *^* thhhhanks

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God I love this. Thank you so much!

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omg tysm for including demi ! a lot of ppl seem to forget demisexual is a thing, thank u for the representation <33

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Of course! Demi is just as valid as anything else! <3

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Ahhh I love it!! Fangirl

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the gay filters
will put this in great use >:3
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Glad you like them! <3

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