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MMD GreenerShader Pack + DL

Shaders go in this order from left to right-

Original can be found here-, by Belly-P
Model by TDA and :iconevergreengem:

Rules can be found in the english readme

Enjoy! :D

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omg DL!! super thanks!!

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File deleted... So sad... Please update new link

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click on 'download' under the photo

but... there's no photo (for me at least)

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talk Chestnutscoop to give u another link

i needed a good effect to use that wasnt raycast cuz, LAG

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does this work for raycast effect?

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its deleted...

oh sorry i accidentally see the original one


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i use it pretty often!

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Thank you so much for saving this! The original was deleted.

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You're welcome! I edited these from Belly-P, who has unfortunately retired from MMD. I might see if I can edit this effect any further in the future...

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hello :) do you know where can I get more skin shaders?

these are cool too, I will try them

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