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Gaymers Rise Up



im so oppressed gamers need to fight back imo
Yes that is bisexual lighting, I love my flag colours and I've been dying to do some gradient work with PostPointLight, so I'm thrilled I could finally do it. This artwork was also a rejected piece from The Art of Gaming, and although I loved the concept, it was kinda too much of a serious work for something so light-hearted. So I'm also very happy I got to use this piece for something :D

I also made a transitional video for this art piece as I enjoyed making it so much, you can view it either on my Twitter here:… or my Instagram (link tomorrow I'm tired hehe) 


Model by Chestnutscoop, part credits found here:

PS4 Controller by Haztract


NCHLShader2 by nil
G_shader by BellyP
ExcellentShadow2 by Sovoro
HgSAO by HariganeP
PostPointLight (x4) by BeammanP
ObjectLuminous by Sovoro
o_DLAA by Okoneya
ikClut by ikeno
4color_bi by Chestnutscoop (coming soon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

Additional assets, such as the gradient plane and PostPointLight addon by Chestnutscoop. I will be releasing the PostPointLight addon, an asset that helps you keep track of your lights, very soon :D

If you enjoy my work, you can support me by donating to my Coffee Page! ~<3

NicoNico | BowlRoll | Discord:  chestnutscoop#9443 | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram 
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Anytime anyone says "Gamer Girls" I think "Gay-Mer Girls" and it's just a lesbian mermaid couple playing video games together underwater.