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//Break the Chain of Gravity\\

Character  Hatsune Miku
I made some alterative angle shots of this render, which you can view on my Twitter:… and on my Instagram:…
So this artwork, like Gaymers Rise Up, has been through a lot and has many layered meanings. I was first inspired to make this render in December 2019 when I first listened to the Hatsune Miku Symphony 2019 rendition of Vocaliod-P's 1/6 Out of Gravity. I had never listened to the original song, and everything from the orchestral arrangement, Miku's tuning, the children's chorus backing her up and the animated visuals made me fall in love with the song. It's one of those songs I always get emotional listening to because I love all the technology so much and I'm so proud of how far we as human beings have come in regards to innovation, but also how far Miku has come as a personality. I had been part of various orchestras for around 8 years while I was in formal education (I played the Clarinet), and I miss it a lot. It was an easy way for me to let my creativity flow, and it was one of the rare instances where I could share my love for orchestral music with others. BTW this art piece came out with great timing as the Miku Symphony 2020 is performing in a couple of weeks, I'm so excited to hear the new music ahhhhhh 

The artwork concept was also partially inspired by anarchylily's artwork for たいせつなこと, another song arranged for Miku Symphony 2019, with the audience in the background and the singers onstage. However, I decided against adding in an audience of glowsticks to also reflect the current times we live in. As an actor, I am all too aware of the situation theatres are in with Covid-19. I'm out of work, my performer friends are out of work, theatre is dead right now.

In all honesty, I'm considering pursuing my backup career, which is to get a Masters and PhD in English Literature and becoming an academic. It is still a dream career of mine and would probably be easier than pursuing acting, but acting is my number 1 passion. I don't want to be a zoom actor my whole life, I did not become an actor to perform alone in my room. I know this is an incredibly negative way of thinking, and I would be letting down all the academics and professional actors I've worked with over the years to make this dream a reality, but you can imagine my frustration right now. I can't work towards wither of my dream jobs, I can't even get a temp job right now because there are members of my family who are vulnerable and so I can't work outside of the house, I haven't seen my friends in nearly 9 months, so all I have right now is MMD. No other creative outlet, no way of supporting myself, nothing. 

Just like in the song, I feel chained down by gravity.
So while I was writing this description a few days a go, I really hated this render. I had only 4 hours to make this render from start to finish on my boyfriend's computer so that I could use raycast, which I did from 1:30am-5:30am. Although it wasn't rushed, I forgot a lot of effects that I wish I had used, such as o_DLAA and PostRimLighting. It was such a rookie mistake, and I wish I had paid attention more to the rim lighting, as I thought the render would have benefited from it. I've been putting a lot of pressure on myself to meet deadlines I set up for myself, and I really don't work great with deadlines. This is kinda the reason why I take so long to upload straight art renders, because I obsess and don't leave it alone until I think it's perfect. But to be honest, I'd rather it be perfect than upload it on a particular day. So, I decided to remake it and take my time with the details, and now I'm so proud of how it came out. For only my second attempt at raycast, and one that uses a lot of lighting, I think I did really well. I really love how the floor came out, and although I wish I could make the PostRimLighting stronger, I think it's really pretty hehe. Also 6k render boiiiiis

Miku Symphony by Koron and _Simon539 / Finn-Kun541

Theatre 1 by NyaLinaa, edited by Chestnutscoop
Wood Floor by 战物语

Raycast 1.5.2 by rui
AutoLuminous by Sovoro
ObjectLuminous by Sovoro
KiraKira by Beamman and Chestnutscoop
PostPointLight by Beamman
Dust by NutellaPie (I love this effect so much I really should mod it at some point)

Stage edited in PMXE_0254f (© Inochi-PM and 極北P / Kyokuhoku- P)
Rendered in MikuMikuDanceE_v932x64 with MMEffect v037x64 (© Yu Higuchi)
Processed in Photoshop 21.1.1 (© Adobe)

Miku Symphony 2020 is coming up in 2 weeks, I'm gonna make a celebration piece with the new model. It'll give me an opportunity to practice raycast again, I'm so grateful to my bf for letting me use his PC for this while I wait for the parts for mine. Come November, I'll be able to run raycast all on my own PC :D

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