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MikuMikuDance artist specialising in effects. Creator of the :Glow Series:. Developer of The MikuMikuEffect Archive.

Hiya! I'm Chestnutscoop, and I'm a 22 year old from Yorkshire, England. Online I'm an 3D/MMD artist specialising in effects and asset creation, and IRL I'm a professional content creator/social media manager and actor. I recently graduated from the University of Reading with a First Class BA in English Literature

You can visit my website portfolio here:

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Hello everyone! Since it's been a while since I did a life update and a lot has stuff has happened irl, I think it's necessary to keep you all updated with my situation. We will start with the negative- unfortunately my great grandfather died earlier this week. He was in his 90s and had been ill for a while, so we were expecting the end to come soon. His death affected me more than I thought it would, which is why I have been slow to reply to messages this week (really sorry about that, as far as I know I've responded to everyone now). My family are still under stress due to uncertainty about his funeral, as COVID-19 prevents all of us from saying goodbye in person. My immediate family are continuing to be as cautious as possible while COVID-19 cases rise in the UK, which means I may have to sacrifice my attendance at the funeral so that grandad's closer and local family can attend. I am very happy to do this, but as you can understand, I'm still sad about it. Now for the positives-
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This journal was requested by members of the MikuMikuEffect Discord. We were discussing why some people have lots of pageviews and why some don't, despite having very similar artwork quality. After investigating a few peoples' DeviantART pages I quickly noticed a pattern: many people were not optimising their search engine discoverability. Luckily, I work as a professional Social Media Manager and Content Creator, so this is very within my area of expertise! In this journal I am going to explain what SEO is, why it's important, and how to apply it to DeviantART and Twitter within the context of MikuMikuDance Marketing. As always, if you have anything to add onto this journal such as corrections or additional tips, please put them in the comments! I'd like to preface this journal by saying that most of this information comes from my own personal experience with marketing MMD, and I also have applied a lot of my professional marketing experience into this information too. Many MMD
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Hello everyone! Thanks so much for submitting/voting in the April #MMEContest! I'm very happy to announce the winner of April's contest under the genre of 'Silhouette' is... @oOHikaruSoraOo with 'Melfissa'! As the winner of the contest, HikaruSora receives their art featured in our exclusive Winners Folder and Channel in the DeviantART Group and in the Discord Server. In 2nd place is @moonuko with 'Separated at birth'! And in 3rd place is @mary34 with 'Shadowplay'! Congratulations everyone! Everyone who submitted an entry gets their artwork featured in our ‘MMEContest Alumni’ folder on DeviantART permanently, as well as keep their entry featured in the 'mmecontest-submissions' channel on Discord! If you haven’t already uploaded to both the DeviantART and Discord, please make sure you do so you don’t miss out on this participation perk! Furthermore, if you would like some constructive feedback from one/all the admins on your submission, you can request the information in a
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Thanks for the fave! You deserve a free custom Ninjala OC character!

Artworks featuring my A s s

You’re taking effect suggestions, right? How about a mod of butterfly that looks like a different type of bug, like bees.?

Always taking effect suggestions! Unfortunately with the way that butterfly is written, the motion only really works with flat bugs like butterflies and dragonflies. The anatomy of a bee is a little harder to recreate as its not its entire body that moves when it flies, but just its wings. Off the top of my head uwFlocking by ikeno might work as a bee mod? Would probs need a fair bit of parameter editing tho

I was thinking that’d be the case, but I still wanted to check. It’s a shame, beecause bees are really cool (I‘m sorry I need to make bee puns whenever I get the opportunity)

I don’t know much about uwFlocking, but it might work from what I’ve seen.

We need more insect effects. I love bugs XP.

maybe it’d be possible to make a KiraKira bug effect? I might try that out but I haven’t edited KiraKira before.

Thank you for the faves and all you do for the community!

Thank You for the Faves

Thank you Rose! That means a lot you me :3 <3