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Q&A illustration for ImagineFX issue 54, out now.

have a nice day. :)

UPDATE: Re-submitted as Print.
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I love this picture.
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your work is so awesome!!
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I always assumed this was Shelke from Dirge of Cerberus!   One of my favorite characters!   It looks JUST like her, even with the VR helmet she often wears!
I think this looks like Shelke from Dirge of Cerberus.... anybody else? .....Anyone at all?    ..........Anyone?
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Let me tell you something. You are an amazing artist! The first time I saw this piece I thought that this woman was real. Like that's how good you are. Props to you and your talent.
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Featured your Art in my Journal: [link]
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Got to love your attention to detail, the colors are sharp as well. What is your program of choice?
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This should and will have a DD.
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That is really cool and she is really pretty, what kind of wetsuit is she wearing?
nice look, rly
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Great Work .. :D ..
Over a year later and i still adore this image. Great work. used as a wallpaper on my windows phone 7.. Excellent!
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really awesome!
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amazing fresh look!

u nailed that subtle wet feel to it :O !!
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great work...really love it!
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I't looks awesome, i love the water reflection around the neck & the lights over all the suit
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