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test pilot

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another Q&A illustration for ImagineFX. this one's for issue 49 (with a gorgeous cover illustration by the talented :iconwarrenlouw:)

while not exactly fanart, this drawing alludes to my favorite mecha pilot (i'm looking at you, ms. ayanami).

man, i really need to do some personal artworks soon or i'll spontaneously burst into flames.

hope all is well in your world. later! :D

UPDATE: Re-submitted as Print.
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One of my absolute
favorite art work i know, i like it so much thanks much for visualize such a great female. Can you tell me, do you use line art and what program? THX
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Thanks :)

I do use line art for most of my illustrations, and Photoshop is my drawing software.
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while it burst of amazingness 

I cant stop thinkin why it has to be dat way.....well you know what I mean
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if u need a mechanic i'll be on your ship lady... ( at least that is what i though the sec i see this picture >.< )
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I could use a Co Pilot , she interested ?
call me Commander Zephyr,Area51 Nevada USA
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I used to go out with her , sexy and feminin love her , what eye's ...... Commander Zephyr planet ╤ Zephenon ╤ ...... keep an eye on the sky it might be me
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Beautiful image ! Beauty, originality, and more ! Good job ![link]
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the headgear looks like something i remember from GitS ;)
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Keep em coming. haha. Awesome!
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I've got a manga book with this drawing in it!
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Reminds me od Gantz. :3
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stunning work.
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Ooooh, I saw this in ImagineFX's book in my library!
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this is immense :) your tones and gradients are lush indeed
im wondering if you might be interested in drawing some pilots for a game im coding?
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haha! got the book last week, and its amazing how many deviants are in it~
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I knew I saw this before! This is awesome!
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I FCKING LOVE THIS PIECE..VIBRANT COLOURS~*forgive me for my excitements* lol~
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