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A battle mage casts a spell in preparation for battle.

Tutorial on how this image came to be published on Issue 43 of ImagineFX, the manga issue, with a gorgeous cover by the awesome Stanley :iconartgerm: Lau. :)

long time no see, folks. busy as a bee, but i hope you're all doing fine. later! :D
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Absolutely love this one.
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beauty girls it's pain!! beautiful work!! Love 
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Oh joy, I LOVE this piece. I saw it from the ImagineFX mag and it's one of the pieces that I'm studying to advance my coloring skills.
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i love that @_@
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Beautiful image ! Beauty, originality, and more ! Good job ![link]
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Oh it's you!!!! I read this whole tutorial like two years ago!
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i think i have a new bg xD
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I've seen this one when you presented during the seminar. napapa nga-nga talaga ako. SUPERB!!
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i remember this work during the seminar.. i so love this...
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I ran across a trio of ImagineFX tutorial books in a bookstore yesterday and flipped through them. The one for manga had this gorgeous illustration in it and greatly influenced my decision to purchase the book. Great job! I absolutely love the lighting effects and hope to put your examples to good use. :)
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..i love the gives more details on the subject.
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Amazing how you render the light! Beautiful!
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grabe...pwede ng pang 3d O_O awesome <3
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man your pictures are awesome
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I just jizzed in my pants lol... :P
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Ive always loved this since I saw it in the magazine :D
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This is too good ! Simply fantastic!
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