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W + P :: stellar swimsuits

one of my submissions for the pepper project, which i am totally digging at the moment because of the creative possibilities.

it's basically a free-for-all thing where you get to strut your creative muscles, the only unifying theme being pepper and/or wanda's red and blue headphone-like thingamajigs.

download the SUBMISSION GUIDE and ENTRY FORM here.

you can also view the SUBMISSION GUIDE here.

expect more to come. hello 2008! :D
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Excellent work!
carym-pie's avatar
They look creamy :heart:
SonicMiracle's avatar
are video game characters that could tell me if so of which
ninjaboy240's avatar
damm now thats sexy
benitaisok's avatar
futuristic Asian hookers? who...cares... they're fucking fantastic. new fan.
RobertStudio22's avatar
this is just amazing great detail amazing job on this
conforimor's avatar
That plastic effect is amazing.
Nyktohyl's avatar
What the f'n hell? THAT's art, my friend!
MADstarter's avatar
Who are these ladies?! :love: :heart: :blush: :jawdrop: :wow: I can't stop looking at them! :O

BEAUTIFUL! :) No other word can describe it better for me, elpinoy! ;) You certainly must have been VERY inspired when drawing this! :D
TFSakon's avatar
Nice swimsuit dede, I like the translucent areas, they're really good.
Kemodero's avatar
Are those headphones waterproof? Just kidding. This picture is awesome. Very nice work. In which program did you use or/and draw with type of pen/brush did you use?
Exlare's avatar
Wolfzero-kun's avatar
Incredible work!
zoroblind69's avatar
cool art form combined with hot themes! i just cant get enough.. :)
Elinewton's avatar
Another great art!!
Very nice bodies and faces!!
I like the fine details on their outfits!!
shanevincent101's avatar
wow they are so cool and sexy!! :jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop:
Hunterkingxxl's avatar
Wauw! Wish it were hi res for poster work... def fav!
Tarantulust's avatar
I couldn't stop looking at the stomach of the woman on the right, it's so gelled and so realistic looking.
miki-spaghetti09's avatar
Wow! So friggin cool!
I like what you did to the plastic part of their outfit, it's so surreal!
Mangatellers's avatar
OMG! Amazing pic man. The perspective, the clothes and the expressions on their faces. Really amazing! The latex looks so real! Welldone!
reydelfenix's avatar
Wonderfully sexy. Great job:D
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