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The Beautiful Dangerous | VISCERAL | 02 of a series

Hey guys, long time no post. Sorry if I haven't been around much; I've been really busy doing a lot of work and stuff. Rest assured that I appreciate each and every view/fave/comment I get. Anyhow, here's a deviation. Hope you enjoy it. :) It's been a long time since I've cut loose on a drawing and just have fun, so forgive me if the theme for this one is rather juvenile and in-your-face. :D

"Subject last seen at CBD. 5-mile radius dark cover will be provided. Team Alpha on direct assault, Teams Bravo and Charlie on flanks. Subject is armed and dangerous. Engage with extreme caution. Kill on sight."

What if somebody mashed up Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Mirror's Edge, and Vanquish into a single video game? That'd be a day-one-purchase, for sure. :D

Image dimensions are set to HDTV/Widescreen, so you can download it if you want it as your wallpaper.
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This is amazing and the concept of those three games coming together
as I imagine them now would be Phenominally amazing produced by the right team. 
Kojima Productions would do a Standout Job