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High atop the megalopolis, the Iron Butterfly wages a shadow war against her former masters.

If you haven't guessed, this one's inspired by Major Kusanagi (from Ghost in the Shell) and Trinity (from the Matrix). What can I say, I like '90s entertainment (yes, fellow nerds, i know the GitS manga came out in '89 -- i don't care). :D

Illustration for HC&D Supplies Play Mats. The play mat itself is 24 x 14 inches huge. Making this almost broke my computer! D:

Check out HC&D's play mats, as well as other card game accessories, at:

Hope everyone's enjoying the new year so far! :)

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Created an account just to say this is dope af.
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Idk where to begin. The thousands of lights, the dynamic pose of her flying through the air with a belt of ammunition waving are so awesome. The blue colors and suit aren't bad either. This is wallpaper material for sure.
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I really like this, ended up picking up one of those playmats. I don't even do that kind of gaming
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Impressive. Clap 
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great action scene!
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Im in love <3 amazing work!
That is freaking awesome. Fantastic work! That outfit is divine.
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Wow,awesome really nice depth effect and the character is gorgous.
Remind me more of Ultraviolet if found with the antigrav bike,the purple hairs and the guns firing an almost unlimited amonth of bullets 😀
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A Stunning piece of work ! :)
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I love how her heels are ammo clips.  She's fashionable and practical!
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Wow !!! stunning ..
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Love the pic and the character name.
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Child: but MOM what happened next?
Mom: You'll find out tomorrow
Child: C'mon mom! :D
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It's a disgrace this isn't a DD yet!
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Your work as been featured here… :hug: :heart:
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It reminds me a bit to Dredd. Still a marvellous work Clap 
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i like the pose it s so energic
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