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Infinity - Citizens

Chapter illustration for Infinity.

Here's the cover:

Infinity © 2010 Corvus Belli

Have a nice day. :)

UPDATE: Uploaded a higher resolution, to show the crowd scenes more clearly. Also, points to those who can pick out old artworks I used for the signages and advertisements. :)

Click DOWNLOAD for the higher resolution. for some reason, it only appears as 734 x 1021 pixels in full view. Weird...
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this Infinity stuff is looking very cool. I am thinking i might need to take a look at this game system to see what it's all about.

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Talk about the digital age.
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SHIT I GET IT! man for some reason that took me along time to get and now it just sunk home! well done hiding the future in plain sight!
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It is Great! Gudups
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Holy crap man! It is difficult to find the source of this image. I'm bummed I didn't see very many articles who shared your image label the source. This is fantastic btw. :)
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This is my favorite piece of art in Infinity, I'd love if you could collaborate to do an artbook with Corvus Belli for Infinity!
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This is how those augmented reality google glasses should work.
PichewPichew's avatar
ang galing ng style nio pagdating sa mga futuristic setting sir.
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I love the variety of colours and characters in this piece!
Amazing idea of a futuristic city, I think it would be pretty awesome living there ^^
ghost-nerdy's avatar
awesome futuristic city
What tools did you use, I love this artwork
Dragon-the-Tribrid's avatar
This is probably my favourite piece from the human sphere expansion!
boringisdull's avatar
i think id like that world :)
moedjila's avatar
the amount of detail in this piece is really amazing! :D
AnimeVenus16's avatar
lol is she throwing her info out?
Simons-Art-Is-A-Bang's avatar
Now THIS is nightlife. I can almost hear the bustling atmosphere!
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