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Infinity - Ambush

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Chapter illustration for Infinity.

Here's the cover and another chapter illustration, respectively:

All of these illustrations were finished several months ago.

Infinity © 2010 Corvus Belli

Aloha! :D
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RakketyTamTheBraveHobbyist Traditional Artist
Much better game then anything GW has made, sorry I mean abused. 
PLASTIC-ROBOT-COMICHobbyist Traditional Artist
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ByRobFHobbyist General Artist
Hey, I recognise this from the Human Sphere book! Nice work, Chester! Checking out the rest of your Infinity stuff now!
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Wow thanks for sharing
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artboy-2Hobbyist General Artist
DavidDaArtist9721's avatar
OMG this is dope

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Remarkable and...
Very "Alan Davis" style in my opinion (which is a great compliment)
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GryphoniaHobbyist General Artist
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LunipardStudent Digital Artist
dat ass. *_* also, nice composition.
RogueKnight24's avatar
No way... this is too awesome :D
LegendaryRey's avatar
LegendaryReyStudent Digital Artist
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supermarioARTHobbyist Digital Artist
Fantastic composition!;-)
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Trash-metaStudent Writer
love it
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FuFuDrizzleHobbyist General Artist
the robot looks like the battle bots from final fantasy 13, nice job reguardless
edgarlee's avatar
very cool :d
silent-rob's avatar
Heh shiny but. Awesome i like it. Love the creature design.
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psychocat1109Professional Artist
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NeonKitsune16Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love the monster creature you drew here looks epic
HasiVA's avatar
Cool monster!!!
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VarrietyHobbyist Artist
Is that a Hospitaller Seraph TAG in the background there? It doesn't look like any of the released knights in its body, though its head and arms resemble the Hospitaller's helmet and arms.
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kazarrHobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't think the helmet and arm designs mean much in the way of which order it belongs to, although I wager that the cloth does.
I'm also pretty much sure this is indeed a Seraph TAG. :)
Varriety's avatar
VarrietyHobbyist Artist
Looking at that tabard, I see your point; it looks like that's a Sepulchre Seraph, going by the small cross next to the big one.
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kazarrHobbyist Traditional Artist
Exactly! You are seeing two of the five crosses that symbolize the five wounds of Chirst. :D
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