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In-Between Sessions - 05

A budding musician is poised to leap straight into the mainstream. Can she handle the pressure? Will she survive her own dark, self-destructive tendencies? This is life as it happens to KITTY BARRACUDA: In-Between Sessions

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Preview page for my story in our upcoming anthology.

Check out PALTIK Komiks Anthology on


Kitty Barracuda is © Chester Ocampo
PALTIK Komiks Anthology is © The Paper Vandals Productions Co. Ltd.

The Paper Vandals are...

:iconmetababy: :iconelpinoy: :icongaktikol:
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Man...this is all just absolutely breathtaking. I feel like I learned a million tips from you just by looking at five pages. And I've been trying to capture cigarette smoking like that and it's never come out so clean. You make me really want to work on my art/comics!
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@chesterocampo - awesome work! i love the 5 pages. can you post more or is this elsewhere on the net?
nice work on these
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i thought smoking in the streets of manila was frowned upon. plus they fine you now.
Moossey's avatar
This was awesome.
DarqTalon-Azel's avatar
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wow pnoy n pinoy ang background
jeffbedash325's avatar
ang galing mo talga kahit kelan.. haiii...
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Kala mo asa Japan, then you see all those signs and the Tagalog on her phone and you say, "Wait a minute..." Nice work! Love the watercolor feel of it.
Ran-Zu's avatar
very nice!! :D
NEXUSIXphotography's avatar
Beautifully drawn! Can't wait to see the rest!
GraffMX's avatar
Inner histories...
Micouture's avatar
Metro...Gwapo? hahaha Awesome work!
miki-spaghetti09's avatar
Jollibee! [sign on the upper left of third frame] harhar
Very nice, am definitely watchin :)
ExESGO's avatar
Lol at Jolibee.

Love the drawing a lot.
ExESGO's avatar
Oh, wait just also noticed "Metro Gwapo".

MMDA. :laughing:
gabrielcorvis's avatar
the artwork is really, really, really awesome....damn...hope the writing's as good
Ryan-19's avatar
great piece of comic with interesting angle on the atmosphere
BluDrgn426's avatar
This is really quality stuff, man
sky00reed's avatar
Really curious about her. Waiting for the next part.
InsolentWhelp's avatar
GAWD-DAYUM, this looks hawt. Loving the grayscale, the angles, the attention to detail, the crispness of the art. How long did each page take you to draw?
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