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In-Between Sessions - 01

A budding musician is poised to leap straight into the mainstream. Can she handle the pressure? Will she survive her own dark, self-destructive tendencies? This is life as it happens to KITTY BARRACUDA: In-Between Sessions

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Preview page for my story in our upcoming anthology.

Check out PALTIK Komiks Anthology on


Kitty Barracuda is © Chester Ocampo
PALTIK Komiks Anthology is © The Paper Vandals Productions Co. Ltd.

The Paper Vandals are...

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I adore its look!
sockstealingnome's avatar
Polaroids...I'm so glad they're back. This reminds me of those HP commercials where the people had a frame that seemed to become pictures when they moved them between places.
yu-shen's avatar
..uhmm, question???
.why is she called Kitty Barracuda? is there any significant meaning to her name? Just intrigue.
gtcable's avatar
I would definitely buy this comic. So much wonderful mood & atmosphere. Love how you use the surroundings to help reflect her expression. We'll we be able to pick up a copy in the states?
wufei02's avatar
I may say this is very creative way get me going coo-coo. hahahahahahahahaha
sh1nt4's avatar
I'm in love ^^
Ziggyman's avatar
Nice way to put the idea in a puzzle of photos.
ukitakumuki's avatar
hara-noBERRY's avatar
OMG.. you did a great work!
like all the details in the pictures... really great!
i am speechless! *0*~♥
PrimeHunter's avatar
beautiful comic. Very unique noir style :)
iumazark's avatar
i were looking yesterday for your pieces man , they are really breathtaking !
i like "Barracuda" as name too, i did one piece with the same name , if you find some time I'd love your presence there
TheHeadache's avatar
i really dig the concept for this piece and you executed it perfectly!
WerterSkelterNOW's avatar
grgeous work!!

the plot is equaly interesting...;p
jactinglim's avatar
haha she reminds me of my dear friend :iconvelvetdelirium:
Monyo's avatar
I did watch your Barracuda pages and believe me I want to buy the book.
A very interesting storytelling and a nice and delicated work on gresycales and pencils.

The best work I`ve seen in a while...congratulations.
Just Beatifull!
Glorion's avatar
Looks nice! Great job, I'm intrigued.
Rafael0381's avatar
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andoyman's avatar
hwoa!!! eto yung nasa bookmark!! sir chester, thanks po pala sa pagbili ng komiks ko noong komikon! hehe aabangan ko yung paltik komiks!! yeah! :D
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