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i think fran's hot, as far as bunny-women go. balthier is one lucky sky pirate. :D

fran and final fantasy 12 are owned by square enix.
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Spot on with Fran! :clap:

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Nice work... ! I liked the colors and design :-)
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this is steamy, so gorgeous
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:) Is a fantastic colors. :D
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That light... I feel a nostalgic sense
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i agree, is it cool if i classify fran as an african american bunny-women??? she just looks black to me....ya kno wat...i am, i now consider her black! YAY ONE MORE FOR THE A.A.'S!!!!! (we're not in to many things...)
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Ahh that lighting is amazing.
*gasp* omg its Fran!! Thankyou for making this! Yes balthier is very lucky...
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Love the lights!
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ah me too..was just about to post that
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Thats awesome! Fran should always wear that helmet!
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love love love love love!!
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Beautiful. Just beautiful. The lighting, the softness, the sweeping of her hair. The only thing you got wrong was her eye color. P:
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Great work! I love the strength of the light source! I have to agree also, lol, after spending a nearly the whole game looking at Fran's backside Balthier really is a lucky guy!
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Fran is pretty damn hot.
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I remember Fran!!!! <3 <3 <3
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whoa, astig, talaga, halos sexy babes ang works mo ah...
marami pa kng palay na itatanim, aanihin, babayuhin at isasaing bago makagawa ng gantO!
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I love this very much
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Incredibly beautiful!
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Wow... That is really good. I am at a loss for words XD
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love the facial expression here!
and the lighting is nice!
Fran is definatly a win among FFXII fans
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i don't know what's more to say.. just simply like it.. :]
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