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EXALTED Gameboard Cover

Cover for EXALTED: Legacy of the Unconquered Sun | Line Art and Art Direction: me, Colors: Kinsun and ~Jun-k | 2007
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i love this game sooooooooooo much what amazing art!
Neat. I wonder what the Lunar exalted is doing in this picture though? I would have thought that the Lunar would attack the Sidereal or one of the abyssals. A powerful drawing overall.
New Age…new friends and new enemies. 
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See the erupting volcano?

That's the Elder Lunar, performing the Moon-And-Earth Song.

The poor Solaroids have yet to even notice.
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Why is Jade White???
jahavad's avatar
its the lighting?
Epzi10n's avatar
Jade is dark skinned. She shouldn't be THAT white in lightning.
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This is chaos! A lot of things are happening here. I love the intense of the battle. Amazing colours as always. Checked ur site and it owns man! Welldone!
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I really love it!!!!!
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is that s dragon-blooded fighting Harmonious jade? or Ahn-Aru? i
Absolutely amazing looking, but these appear to be the canon characters, in which case, shouldn't Harmonious Jade (the archer) be black rather than white?
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Dude. WoW, but the big question is Why the f*** all these people are wiling to stand together against the Solars? The lunar should be at the Dragon Blood's throat & the Sedairial would be too busy taking down the Abyssals to be doing Arrow Duels with Jade. Just saying.
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This is awesome and I have had it as my desktop from the time I found it. One Problem is they don't have their castemarks on their foreheads!
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Greeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaat job!

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h-how many days it took you to drew this? D:
Swan in the background is awesome.
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Fantastic work!
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outstanding work!
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Just beaufitul!!
Lots of details, lightning effects, great colors...
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Wow you have some amazing art! Keep it up!
love it love it! Epic!
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Great colours and composition! Amazing and nice work
Wow! There's a lot of things going on in this picture and you didn't loose any of the details. Awesome job.
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