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Stay Solid
sometimes I remember
that I'm nothing but a big rock,
every resonance of this deep earth
rumbling through my porous caverns.
Perched on this precarious granite clifftop,
my acquainted life scattered beautifully around me,
I find myself emerging
from the fearful thought of falling
to remember that there is nothing
but earth beneath;
and if there's a wet sun above,
it will soon dry out.
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A moment of hiding
Truth, that terrible queen,
her smile shining faint
through the darking bats and
sharp shadows of my becoming
smiling, but even her glow
is twisted by my unfaithful gaze
into angular depths
dangling before me
and though I shade my eyes
the pit yet yawns at my feet
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Tree Life
the holes in the trees
are not made for keys
they're not made for peeking
inside, the trees are all shrinking-
the trees are all growing
not looking, just going
slow travelers with space yet to roam,
they wander and stay, with no thought of home
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shouldn't that feeling
of certainty
be underpinned
with uncertainty?
if all is not subject to question
what stitch of knowledge
can be learned and integrated
into the the corsets
we use to sculpt ourselves
and hold the world physical
around us to be understood and believed and real--
until, watching, we can remember
to just take off
the damn thing
for a moment and breathe
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The Fire's Touch
The horrible part is I would still go in to work today, if I had a job.
I’ve lost track of the hits I took during commercial breaks of mindless late night and pre-morning TV. At least twelve, I’d say. Maybe more like twenty.
If I went to the hospital, right now, the doctor’s voice would sound human. It might fake shock and pity at the walking petri dish that I’ve turned myself into, but, inside, the little cogs would be whirring, calmly solving the problem of another stupid, worthless human.
I don’t think I’m going to die. The drug PSA’s say I should’ve died the first time I stoked the flame, but those tin cans will never stop underestimating the human body’s ability to resist self-attack.
And, obviously, they don’t have the faintest glimmer of an understanding of why someone like me would choose the flame over a paycheck. Lives depend on my ability to synchronize actions of the building team, and the flame destroys my ability
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Red Riding Hood Didn't Blink
They detained the assassin immediately, too shocked to execute him, as they should have.
He’s in a holding room while the suddenly headless government scrambles to respond to the army roaring its way towards us.
He’s chained to the table and I stand in the corner across from him, weapon un-holstered and primed for any movement.
We wait in silence for my superior to appear and demand answers. I watch the assassin’s motionless face, wondering if he’s deciding what he’ll say or if he’s merely relishing the sounds of disorder echoing down the halls.
The general finally appears. He ignores me and, to his credit, shows nothing but disgust at the prisoner.
“Our troops are mobilized and the city is locking down as we speak. Your pathetic attempt at rebellion has already failed and you’ve accomplished nothing but earning yourself a public execution.” The assassin inspects his manacles. “You will not be given a chance for a final statem
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Don't Ask Me, I Just Work Here
The Gravedigger sits in a rickety wooden chair outside of her decrepit shack, waiting. She pretends to fill out a sheaf of papers on her lap, resisting the urge to look around for the Hero.
In the northeast corner of the Graveyard, at the base of the Cypress tree, a pinprick of light appears about a meter above the ground. Her head jerks up and she leaps to her feet, frantically preparing for her first visitor.
The point of light expands, forming a floating, circular window through which a young boy and girl can be seen running from a pack of frothing Sun Lions. The girl yells encouragement and turns to face their attackers, gaining the boy just enough time to leap through the window and land in the silent Graveyard.
The portal winks out and the boy shouts the girl’s name before turning to find the Gravedigger leaning casually on a shovel.
His voice is steady. “I’m looking for the Gravedigger.”
She mentally counts a slow five seconds before responding in a raspy
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A man and a woman stand in the one thousand meter tall Brecken Spire, three floors from the top. Outside, thick purple clouds are rolling in and the man can see lightning flashing in the distance.
The woman’s backpack is in the process of unfolding like an electronic flower. She picks up pieces and arranges them in precise patterns around the safe door. While she works, the man keeps an eye on the storm, speaking just loud enough to be heard over the safe’s buzzing security.
“I remember this story someone told me when I was a kid. There’s these two alien minds that are floating around in outer space, just looking at everything. One day they come across earth and float down to take a look. They plan on slipping into whatever body they find first, but they accidentally land in these two trees that stand next to an abandoned church.
“They realize that not only are they in immobile bodies, but they can’t get back out and they’re not even close enou
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Shadow World
In a dark window above an empty street, three figures waited in a dimly lit room. A woman was seated at a table, quickly but carefully preparing the package. A young man stood with a diagonal view out the window, scanning the street, and an older man was leaning in the doorway, listening for any sounds echoing up the stairwell.
Without looking up from her work, the woman asked the young man, “Do you know what they were actually trying to do when they started spying on everyone?”
The old man let out a groan, “Not this shit again, Aya.”
She ignored him and waited until the younger man shook his head.
“They were trying to shine their light into every corner of the world, you see? If we just had more light, more openness, more information available (the thinking goes) we could eliminate all darkness from the world. Doesn’t that sound nice?”
The young man, a new recruit, reminded himself to keep his attention on the window, wondering if the boss was
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The Crown
I’m trying to pinpoint the exact moment we realized we were dead.
I wouldn’t say it was the day we realized we had about ninety percent less weaponry than we were going to need, although that was the day that most of us finally accepted the enormity of the problem. Not even the first death really convinced anyone that we were all destined to the same fate. If I’m being honest, it wasn’t until after the fourth or fifth victim succumbed that we collectively realized we probably weren’t going to make it.
Colonizing planets, without becoming routine, has at least worked enough times that we never assumed it would fail for us. But none of the other colonies had native life even approaching ours. I think part of our (embarrassingly human) problem was our inability to see destruction in something so beautiful and seemingly peaceful. Even now, knowing these creatures were the downfall of our short-lived society, something deep inside of me cries out that they must
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Mature content
Power :iconchesterchatfield:chesterchatfield 1 3
Good Work
I didn’t want to show up to work today.
By the time my crew arrived for the usual day of loading and unloading, packing and unpacking, signing and releasing, I’d rehearsed a little speech about the importance of keeping our jobs.
“This is a time of crisis and change,” I told them. “All we can do is ride it out. And if we let the Planet Troopers keep the peace out there and make sure nothing happens to the shipment in here, then at the end of it we’ll all still have our jobs and life will move on.”
We’re a stop on the route of the battery-powered hearts that keep every bot in every home on every planet running, which is a bit tricky on the best of days. But today, with half the galaxy watching and the other half thinking about coming out here to protest, we’re not shipping anything.
Now I’m looking through a porthole window in the docking bay. Beyond the row of gun-clad Troopers, a silent sea of slowly winding-down bots are sta
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Now Get Out of My Starship
“You heard me! Out! I’m Captain, and if you don’t vacate this area immediately, I’ll have no choice but to have you incarcerated for the rest of the voyage!” The stooped old woman shoved her cane at the nurse, rapping his knees.
With a patience developed over years of caretaking, he side-stepped the attack, putting a table between them. “Now, Mrs. Handra, you know there are no starships anymore. The last one landed long before you or I were born. Now sit down and eat your lunch.”
She acquiesced, grumbling about disorder in the ranks and the decline in interstellar food. The nurse watched long enough to make sure she didn’t cause any trouble with her cafeteria neighbors and left to attend to other duties.
Mrs. Handra turned to the well-worn man next to her. “These people. No respect.”
Mr. Zhao shook his head, “Well, it’s true. You never were a captain.”
She let out a giggle, momentarily revealing a vivacious y
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A Footloose and Fancy-Free Widow
They called me Mother Nature.
Perhaps, in ages past, the title was appropriate.
When the race of humans relied on me for survival, called to me for help and had the luxury of blaming me for disasters, I did think of them as children. If their homes and families and lives were destroyed by a natural disaster, they knew it was nothing more or less than a message from their disapproving Mother. When their crops were watered and their bloodlines flourished, they knew who to thank.
It was their failure to recognize the changing relationship with me that lead to their downfall. When they, frail, short-lived, yet ambitious creatures that they were, became a force of nature . . . Well, I suppose they outgrew me.
At that moment, they lost their Mother. I was still there, but they lost sight of me. They could not recognize what I had become: a spouse.
It sounds strange, I know, and I can tell you from experience that the humans would have been very uncomfortable with the implied incest.
But the
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Burn Before Reading
My grandma told me a lot of stories when I was a kid.
I loved to curl up on the couch next to her, or sit on the floor while she cooked, or watch her mouth move in profile while she drove. Tales of horror, romance, suspense, fantasy, you name it.
But (for obvious reasons) my favorite was always the story of the star sirens. I suppose I, as a small child, must have demanded an answer for why my parents were never coming home, so grandma told me this:
“Sailors the world over tell stories of beautiful creatures that lure them into the abyss with a kiss. For space travelers, this happens sometimes too. On a quiet night in interstellar space, when half the crew is on sleep rotation, flowing creatures will come knocking at the hatches.
They’re gray on the outside, like rocks. But inside they have a core that burns like the sun and keeps them warm through the depths of space. If they find a way inside the ship, they always search out a sleeping person to give them a kiss.
The star
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Standing on the Lawn
A careless fire pulls along the hills,
While he drags off an early morning smoke.
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