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WC - Mirrored by dorizard WC - Mirrored :icondorizard:dorizard 43 11 Someone Gets Hurt [FRAME REDRAW] by Zuko-Kitty Someone Gets Hurt [FRAME REDRAW] :iconzuko-kitty:Zuko-Kitty 40 2
So let it be said that the Prince of Egypt was one of my favorite movies and has held  a special place in my heart for many MANY years. So when I was looking for songs for PlagueTale AMV/Inspiration, I came across this song again.
What if: Instead of Egyptians, they were Monsters.
After the Plague had struck Monsters, they began to take the SOULs of the dead, believing it to be more merciful than killing anyone. However, as we Humans know, our SOULs are supposed to be freed to go to Heaven(or well, most people believe in SOULs and some sort of Afterlife.) So to us, this was still wrong.
The king of Humans demanded the release of the Human SOULs, but the sick Monsters could only refuse. 
Thus began the long war.
The advanced weapons and power of the Humans easily began to destroy the Monster kingdom, but no matter what, Asgore could not give in. His own people needed the SOULs to keep their strength, and if he stopped harvesting them, his people would perish. Their fami
:iconsketchygarden:SketchyGarden 5 31
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What do you guys want to hear more about from me?

The Seraphverse, The Blue And The Broken, The Deadstar AU or something else entirely?
The Blue And The Broken: Tigerfam 2.0
Ahhh the future Tigerfam, I put a LOT into these guys, even though the AU focuses on Bluestar and Crookedstar for the most part. These guys do get quite a bit of change!!


Goldenflower: I made Goldenflower a long furred, cream classic tabby, with green eyes. If you’re wondering why she’s not a tortie, it’s because in this AU her father was not Smallear. It was Sunstar. While Sunstar and Speckletail hadn’t been in love, they did love their kits- Lionheart and Goldenflower- very much. This love passed on to the both of them and played an important part in the cats they became. Lionheart eventually fell in love with Frostfur, while Goldenflower didn’t take a mate at first. She did want kits however and soon became pregnant with her first litter, Swiftkit and Sunkit (named after her father), she never told anycat who the father was, though rumors floated around that it was either Patchpelt or Tigerclaw. (It was actually neither, it was a tomcat from Windclan)

Tigerclaw, of course, was irritated by the rumors and went to confront the older she-cat about the situation and barged into the nursery to find her holding her sleeping kits close as she stared him down. Eventually she intimidated him into submission and he left. Eventually she and Tigerclaw fell in love, and he practically adopted Sunkit and Swiftkit as his own, and two moons after the two were apprenticed Goldenflower became pregnant once again. Then her life went horribly, horribly wrong.

Tigerstar: Cat Hitler, what would we do without you? He really needs no explanation, the original Broad Shouldered Black Tabby TomTM, but I suppose I must since they’re have been changes made to him. Tigerstar’s life was.. difficult. His father Pinestar left Thunderclan to become a kittypet when he was only a couple moons old. His mother Flashbriar tried her hardest to raise her four kits (Tigerkit, Rowankit, Foxkit, and Marigoldkit) by herself, and was glad for the help from her oldest daughter Swiftbreeze. Then things took a turn for the worst. They all became sick with greencough. Goosefeather didn’t want to help, and Featherwhisker did everything in his power to save them.. Only Foxkit, Tigerkit, and Flashbriar survived. Tigerkit was apprenticed to Thistleclaw and that’s where his ambition really came from- despite the difficulty he had with Thistleclaw as his mentor he became good friends with Whitepaw- who was only a couple moons older than him-, Lionheart -A warrior he’d idolized since his father left-, and Redkit -A kit who he had been close too in the nursery.

But as we all know, things suck for this guy- and most of it is his own fault. I will say, he really did love Goldenflower and his kits at one point- adopted or not- but pride and ambition can be dangerous. Especially when you think it’s for the right reasons.

The one who was not ready. If you’re wondering why he doesn’t have his signature black spots... It’s because he can’t, genetically speaking if he wanted black he’d end up having to be a tortie which is something I considered before before I decided that this was a much better option.

Swiftfoot was the first born son of Goldenflower and a Windclan tom- and it shows in his thin fur and lean build. Tigerstar was the only cat he’d known as a father and he was very broken by his betrayal and became determined to prove himself a good warrior. In this AU he survives the dog attack- but like Brightheart is severely scarred. (And no, there’s no Swift x Bright here- they are cousins) He recovers alongside her and when it comes to light that Tigerstar was the one to set the dogs loose he was livid. More will be explained later.

The unnamed brother to Swiftpaw and almost a perfect copy of his mother. This boy is a sweetheart who found himself fascinated with herbs from the minute he could walk into the medicine den. He loves his life as a medicine cat and couldn’t imagine anything better.

He’s a kind cat who tries to lift the cat’s around him up and is so pacifistic and genuine that when he actually gets angry enough to attack someone- it’s scary. He is a pure cinnamon roll, I love him.

Yeah you saw that right, not only is he no longer a Tiger-clone, but he’s also NAMED AFTER HIS MOTHER- HELL YEAH!! Tigerstar was expecting his son to look exactly like him, but boy was that wrong. When Bramblekit was born Tigerstar was almost enraged by it- he was red- almost the same dark shade as his sworn enemy Fireheart. He almost accused Goldenflower of infidelity before Bramblekit opened his eyes and Tigerstar saw he had the same eyes as he had. Though that didn’t do much to make Tigerstar favor him. So with Bramblekit being passed over by his father, he looked up to his mother, brothers, and Fireheart instead.

Here we go!! Torbie Tawny with no white- perfection. Now I bet you’re wondering why I changed Tawnypelt’s name- and the answer is rather simple. Despite being born with ginger patches and odd eyes, Tawnykit was the one child who looked most like her father, not to mention she reminded him of Flashbriar, so Tawnykit quickly became the favored sibling in her father’s eyes. Once Tigerstar was banished however things became awful for Tawnykit, almost every cat seemed to look at her with rage when she had done nothing wrong!! They called her the spawn of a traitor, and said she’d be just like him, and no matter how much her other family stood in for her she still felt alone. She was of course appalled by her father’s actions, but he had loved her. So when given the chance to go live with him in Shadowclan, she took it. She felt happier then than she had in moons. It was perfect.. until of course it wasn’t.
Thanks to a conversation with Acorn-Trees, I’ve got another Warriors AU. Though this one is a bit different than my others though as I am still figuring out the details, I’m definitely open to suggestions and ideas though!!

In this AU Bluefur did not fall in love with Oakheart, she fell in love with Crookedjaw. I personally felt that she had more chemistry with him anyways. And while I am still brainstorming the details it does mean that;

- 1.)  Silverstream, Mistyfoot, Stonefur, Mosscloud (Mosskit), Willowfall (Willowkit), and Minnowfrost (Minnowkit) are all siblings instead of cousins.

- 2.) Crookedstar has the BIGGEST and BEST family and Mapleshade can eat shit!!

- 3.) Oakheart and Willowbreeze are mates and have two kits, Shellkit (Named after Shellheart) and Robinkit (Because of her russet colored pelt)

- 4.) Whitestorm has a HUGE BUNDLE OF COUSINS

- 5.) Echomist (Crookedstar’s foster mother) is #1 Grandma

- Thrushpelt (who they adopted into their family) and Oakheart battle for the title of “Best Uncle”

This AU is a whole lot of fluff until I figure out the details!! :D


Thanks to UniversesCollideInc there’s now somewhat of a storyline, now it does deviate greatly from the books.

Bluestar And Crookedstar are part of a prophecy lol so original that means their actions will change the way their world is run;

Blue Thunder, Broken River
Rise to make wrongs right
Mundane yet fated
The forest bows to love's pure might.

Meaning they are wanting to Warrior Code and later the Medicine Cat code.
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Hello, I'm Chess!! I'm 18 years old and aspiring to be an artist or writer, perhaps both, I usually do traditional art but I'm tryin to get what I need to begin doing digital art. I'm a huge anime, Vocaloid, and multi-genre music freak. I love dark stories and humor, I especially adore Stephen King.


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