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Stained Glass Snake



The good thing about a bad quality photograph taken at night is that it's hard to see how truly awful this piece is. I did the cutting and foiling a couple centuries ago and finally soldered it recently, but the foil was so old the solder barely adhered, so the lines are pretty hideous, plus, at some point during the years I was gone, someone—probably trying to helpfully clean up—must have spilled something on it that became sticky, and then hard, and then nearly impossible to get off. If that wasn't bad enough, I also noticed that it has three cracks in it. Whoops.

The reason I finished Mr. Snake despite all of this is simply because I like snakes, and I like the weird colors of this one. I think I was just trying to use up old glass I had sitting around when I started the cutting. I'll try to get another picture of him tomorrow when it's light out, so you can see the colors better (the bottom piece is actually translucent red, not black) and try to spot the cracks :D I think he looks kind of cool with the black behind him, though. Anyway, he'll probably spend the rest of his life in my closet, unfit to be seen in person . . . Aw, I have a soft spot for screw-ups.
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SUPER ! I love the movement and the choice of glass.......