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Ermahgerd, it's Mernerva!

Animaniacs tackled Minerva Mink as Ariel in one of their comics called The Little Furmaid, but it left a lot to be desired, IMO. :)
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She's a cutie patootie!
Spectacular art and background you design her. She's perfect as a mermaid. Wonderfully well drawn. 😍
beautifully spectacular ! 
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She's so beautiful that Minerva! I love this artwork! Well done!
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Super artistic! I've seen that comic, and this single picture puts it to shame.:love:
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That look really does make Minerva cuter!
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Very, very gorgeous work on this picture and on Minerva!!!:):thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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She very beautiful and work too!:love:
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Thank you kindly! :D
cool! p.s. comic page? fanfiction? more merneva mermaid?
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I love the lighting in this, and also the effects of the water splashing! Your latest pictures have all had really great atmosphere to them, it really takes it up to the next level! :)
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Thank you very much, buddy!  Haha, I almost typed "butty."  I probably should sleep. :lol:  The atmospheres are a bitch indeed, but I made a vow to start practicing them some years ago, and they just add so much it's hard not to include them!  Even the nicest fully-colored picture is so "meh" when there's no environment.  Thanks for the encouragement! :D
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Nice action pose!  She miiiight need to find some bigger shells though. 
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But then were would all my pageviews go? =p
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True enough!  Maybe smaller shells then?
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