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The Cotton Woman by CheskaCityLove The Cotton Woman :iconcheskacitylove:CheskaCityLove 3 0 Ojo Negro by CheskaCityLove Ojo Negro :iconcheskacitylove:CheskaCityLove 2 0 Blancas Colinas by CheskaCityLove Blancas Colinas :iconcheskacitylove:CheskaCityLove 0 0 Don't Touch! by CheskaCityLove Don't Touch! :iconcheskacitylove:CheskaCityLove 1 1 Surreal by CheskaCityLove Surreal :iconcheskacitylove:CheskaCityLove 0 0 Nope by CheskaCityLove Nope :iconcheskacitylove:CheskaCityLove 0 0 Liz by CheskaCityLove Liz :iconcheskacitylove:CheskaCityLove 0 0 Tired by CheskaCityLove Tired :iconcheskacitylove:CheskaCityLove 0 0 Gone Girl by CheskaCityLove Gone Girl :iconcheskacitylove:CheskaCityLove 3 0
Oda a la Hija de la Luna
Mujer cósmica, estelar,
tu belleza illumina
a la noche con resplandor lunar.
Cuando el mundo cae bajo la ignorancia,
tu les muestras el camino
con tus rayos de plata.
Sngular, unica e imperfecta:
complementaria y perfecta.
Tu cuerpo de marfíl expuesto al universo
ha sido corrosida y violada.
Entre las oscuras cauces del universo,
igual brillas con tus cráteres como marcas de batalla.
Piel de tierra,
ojos de profundo silencio sufridos,
miran a los mios.
Tus labios son como una singular rosa
en la resolana de el primer sol.
Oh, perla lunar, tu existencia
enriquece al mar. Haces que las ondas
de indigo se hinchen, oncojan y
al despertar, nuevamente se hinchen.
Misteriosa y sensual, como la madre que nos ama.
Hija de la luna, tus ojos son mis ojos y
son los ojos de la fría eternidad
:iconcheskacitylove:CheskaCityLove 0 0
Baby Doll by CheskaCityLove Baby Doll :iconcheskacitylove:CheskaCityLove 0 0 Pain by CheskaCityLove Pain :iconcheskacitylove:CheskaCityLove 0 3
Las brumas nos dejan en el lugar del olvido,
un lugar debajo de estas montañas que se tiñen con el verano
colores amarillos tales del sol que calienta
estas nos acompañan y nos hacen sentir
como en un lugar mágico, donde el tiempo no existe
donde el horizonte no existe. donde el fin no existe.
y me quiero acordar de aquellos dias donde la lluvia es tanta
que las brumas hacen que vea todo tan claro,
como si sobre nuestros ojos lentes dejaron puestos
por que tanto amor por lo que no se puede ver?
y también lo que se puede ver?
pero esto no es tanto como el amor por lo que no existe.
y todos nos preguntamos, que habrá lejos de las montañas donde ya no se puede ver
:iconcheskacitylove:CheskaCityLove 0 0
Lady Pain
Pain consumes me and leaves a strange tint
in my smile in my laugh in my eyes
and no matter where i go she follows me
leaving a scent on me like cigarettes
When she takes me over,
she feels so overwhelming and even right after
she still is in control
like a demon twisting my body
her breath on my shoulder
always whispers reminding me
When I feel pain, its like I’m having a seizure
and she makes me angry and she makes me sad
to tell you the truth, for that I feel quite glad
because the moment she does
i realize I am real
and that no one is to my company
except what i feel.
and if what i feel is what is raw
and what is raw is what is real
then I’d rather be a fish in the gullet of a seal
and the day I die, the day you all cry
that day she will still remain by my side
:iconcheskacitylove:CheskaCityLove 1 6
Mis Amores
Los pajaritos que me ven en el cielo
Las lagartijas que me miran desde la esquina
Los caracoles que se deslizan entre los faroles
y la naturaleza que nos rodea mas encima
Estos no son mis amores
Los chocolates que se sientan en las cajetillas
Los damascos que se tienden en la canasta
Las sandías que están llenas de semillas
y los dulces de la vida
Estos no son mis amores
La vista desde un edificio de la ciudad
El color de las rosas en el verano
La luz de la madre lunar
y todo lo que no pasa en vano
Estos no son mis amores
Los Dolores
Los horrores
Los terrores
y todo lo que es verdadero
Estos son mis amores
:iconcheskacitylove:CheskaCityLove 1 0
Oh nuevo objeto de especulacion
Oh nuevo objeto de especulación
como una flor exótica que me alcanza
desde un punto lejano
dentro de las nubes de las montañas en el horizonte
oh nuevo experimento
que me hace decifrar
cual es la verdadera naturaleza de,
al contrario de tener que leerte en un libro de textos
:iconcheskacitylove:CheskaCityLove 0 0


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United States
Studying Neuropsych
Trying to also be an artist
and poet

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Today I felt special. So I wore things that were special. People ask me why I care so much about dressing up, and it truly is not to look nice for anyone in particular, it is not to go with what I see in a magazine or poster. It is not for anything other than because it makes me happy. If I look a certain way, I feel like I'm acting out a part in a play. If I feel down, I like to dress the way my mood is. Dressing up is so fun, its like wearing costumes to me, things that I find appealing, even if it does not look to others.

So yeah, this is me, today. I got lots of compliments believe it or not. One from my teacher, she was inspired on telling me too. I even got some compliments from little girls playing around in the bushes. Today I felt very nice. Everything looked nice today as well. The humidity and wind erased all the fogginess that the pollution leaves, making everything look so detailed and real. This is why I love the rain, it looks everything look more real. So there I was today, observing everything with great detail, looking at the way the walls withered with moss and blackness from the air's dirtiness. It all looked so beautiful. The green vines climbing up the walls, taking them over, or not even that. Something much more romantic than that. The vines were dancing with the wall, hugging it, caressing it. and people ask themselves how it is things "look romantic". Well that is the answer, it IS romantic.
The way that the fog encases and protects our mountains, an act of love. To expose itself to human hatred, a hate towards what we cannot see, in order for her mountain to have her privacy, to be with her. Him, the cloud, to look down at her from above is not enough in this romantic pair, he must come forth to love her. It is romantic. I am in love with the world today.

Today gave me great pleasure :) Tomorrow will too, in my hopes.
  • Listening to: La Valse D'Amelie - Yann Tiersen
  • Reading: The Color Purple by Alice Walker
  • Watching: pitch black outside my window
  • Drinking: Fruit Soda :3 hehe



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