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Winged Anubis Tattoo

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Woahh this is old by now, one of the first things I uploaded to Deviant art! Thanks everyone for making it so popular! And I'm thankful for the amazing photos I've been shown of it done!

I hope to make more designs in the future, thanks again everyone!

If you ever plan to use this as a tattoo, PLEASE contact me so I can see it when it's done! {I plan to learn tattooing in a few years, so this is a personal design}
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Really like your style, need help with my company logo. If interested shoot me an email at the theme is anubis
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i would love to get this as a tattoo if that's possible
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This is such an awesome design. I'll definately send a picture if I use it =)
I got this done as a tattoo.
It was just finished today.
I'll send you a pic once it stops scabbing!
Oh, here's a pic of it when it was 3/4th of the way done
Excuse the crappy webcam quality :P
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I might just get this tattoo, so do me a favor and note me so I can remember to show you when it's done
ANUBIS RULES...great job looks fantastic
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thankya much! Glad people still like this design! :D
i love anubis so yeah of course i love it
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Can't for the life of me remember if I ever showed you this or not but here it the flesh, literally ;)



three and a half hours total broken up only because I had to go to work before he was finished. :)
Wow! This design is amazing, one of the best Anubis designs i have seen. I'm thinking of using this as a tattoo. if i do i will send you some pictures!

Keep the faith,

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Awhhh wow that'd be way awesome if you did! Thanks so much!
I'm going to be getting a tattoo in the next few months, and I would very much like you to draw one for me should you have the time.

I liked this a lot, and I was hoping that you might be interested. :]
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Anubis is my favorite God, & I would love to see more tattoos revolving around him. Im in the market for a really kick'in anubis tat. Have yet to find one.
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Even though this is old, heh, my God is Anubis, and I was looking so hard for a tattoo that would suit my back. My best friends boy friend is taking me to get a tattoo for christmas, and well I stumbled upon this and I was taken aback, I absolutely LOVE this tattoo, and well, I hope you'd be honored if I have it permantly on my backside, I'll take a picture of it when its done, and I'll note you with the image, so that you may look upon your work on human flesh,

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Wow! I'd be compleatly honored! Awhh I'm really glad you like it so much, Anubis is a pleasure to draw. And though this is older work of mine I still like it a lot myself :D Cheers to you too~!
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omg that is beautiful I was going to ask, when my 18th b-day rolls around I know the description says so but may I get this on my lower back I wanna make sure or I might commission you for one like this, if there is information on how much It would be would be great!

<3's From Arinovas
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Awhh thanks so much for the intrest~! I think two people {I know of} have gotten this specific one, since they sent photos. I'm glad you like it though~! :D
For a black and white design similar to this I'd only charge abour $10 commission-wise.
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:o sounds good I guess I'm gunna go for you when I get my tattoo!
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Yee! I'm honored~! :D
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Awesome, Anubis is my fav god of the dead!
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I LOVE ANUBIS!!!!!!!!!!! :hug: you rock!
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