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I just realized now I got more than 700 watchers. That's pretty sweet. It may be just average here, but it means a lot to me. Thanks, guys. Thank you for everything.  
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I thought of an alternate universe where the genders and personalities are reversed. First, I made Brenda 63, and then I came up with other characters, too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brenda Tennyson: Ben’s female counterpart. Glen Tennyson: Gwen’s male counterpart. A science and SF nerd who never believed in magic until he met Hex and Charmcaster. He’s still trying to explain magical phenomena with his scientific knowledge. He’s al
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After I saw the early concept art for Charmcaster, I had an urge to make some witch OCs. Since OV Charmcaster’s main design theme is heart, their themes are inspired by other 3 suits of playing card. ———————————————————————————————— Name: Brew Design theme: clubs(♣) and the magical girl genre. Character role: neutral Powers: 1. To produce magic items, especially potions, 2. plant and fungi manipulation Brew is a former inhabitant of Led
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Was going to comment on how good the new pic you posted because it was well done as always!

Ben 10 was part of my childhood and while the reboot isn't exactly my forte I still enjoyed most of what I've watched so far; looking at a perspective of a kid today, they will definitely enjoy it a lot too. Considering I haven't seen the finale yet I have an idea what it entails and would be a nod to the previous series, still on Season 3 and will binge whenever time will let me.

i was going comment on your awesome pic but i can't have sean the reboot did u enjoy it

I actually did. I'll admit. I was kinda disappointed with the new show when the first two seasons were released. But I did notice the season finales were still Ben 10-esque. It was season 3 that piqued my curiosity, and I started to select and watch some episodes that other fans told me they are good. And the way Ben, Gwen, and Kevin were written grew on me. Season 4 was quite loose again, but it was interesting how some of the episodes featured Ben getting distressed about being a real hero. And the three last specials, especially Alien X-tinction, were absolute blasts! So while I do see some serious issues with the new show, I still enjoyed it overall. And apparently, so did many little kinds around the world.

But apparently, many fanboys just couldn't stand somebody having fun, so I had to block the comment section, unfortunately.

i like the reboot for what it was but not good the og ben 10

Hello, I would like to share a kind of AU from Ben 10 that is not exactly like the others.

It's called the "villain rehab project" beta version.

Faced with the growing population of villains in the universe, plumbers and universal leaders have problems with maintaining control of these, therefore a specialized rehabilitation program has been created for villains of the multiverse, not just common criminals.

At first Ben disagreed with the project, but since many of his allies used to be criminals or villains, he gave the project a chance and suggested that perhaps it should expand into other alternative dimensions, where he has even been a villain (i.e. his counterparts).

Most of the villains of the project are those who (as impossible as it may seem) regret what they did, other reasons are the fact of missing friends or family, or the desire to start a family and who do not want their children to see each other. involved in regard to villainy.

Obviously if a villain claims to be rehabilitated, they do multiple psychological and physical tests to know that he is not lying and make sure that the subject is part of society again.

Although the project is constantly ridiculed and questioned, it continues to develop over time

Hi Clover-karin I'm Minniemouse2003 I'm also a fan of Ben 10 Ben 10 Alien Force Ben 10 Ultimate Alien and Ben 10 Omniverse I like your artwork of Ben 10 it was nice meeting you have a good day and stay safe ;)