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Random update journal :D

For some reason unknown to me I have a 100% in Algebra II. I hate math. I hate it with a burning passion. I sleep during that class. Why the Hell am I getting 100s on the tests/quizzes? SENSE = THIS MAKES NONE.

We're reading Feed by M. T. Anderson in my AP Lit class, it's a really good book and if you're a misanthrope like myself then you should hide under your beds because if this is the future then I never wanna see it.

A local theater group is doing Rugrats: A Live Show (it's a musical). The auditions are next week and I'm gonna try for it. I kinda wanna get Chuckie, but I'm not a left-handed ginger toddler so I dunno.

One more year to go (after this one). I'm looking at colleges but it's really hard because none of the websites are user friendly D:


Durarara is my new obession. Shizuo is my new favorite character. I love him.

I love him.

He's on the same level as Kanda right now. And that's like, explosion-through-the-roof-I'm-gonna-die-I-FUCKING-LOVE-HIM love. Yeah.

(There's only one page of DRRR fanfics on D: This needs to be fixed.)

Video Making:
I've gotten into AMV and GMV making lately. I'm in two groups on YouTube: Asymmetrical Wonderland (the name's under construction) and The Asylum. I'm thinking auditioning for another studio soon but I'm not too sure if I want too... Meh.

Go check out my YouTube page:…
My Cosplay YouTube page:…

I'm really getting into photography. I'm thinking of making it my major or minor in college. Hopefully for my birthday I can get a good digital camera (one of those $600 ones) for my birthday from my parents and offer to pay for half of it.

I'm planning a photo shoot with some friends for my class once the weather gets nicer. It's not a cosplay photo shoot either, but an actual I-don't-know-how-to-describe-it photo shoot. If it all works out I'll get some good shots and put some up on deviant art.

I'm employed.

At King's Dominion. xD

I'm pretty excited for this actually. Mostly because of…
BEAM ME UP! No really. I love aliens.

Also the new ride, Intimidator is opening and it looks SUPER AWESOME.

I'm working on a Bleach hollow jaw-mask for :icontheoris-jokul:. And when I say working I mean 'meaning to work on it but I keep forgetting'. xD Sorry Aaron! I'll do it, I promise!

I'm also going to start my Knight!Hungary costume soon, I'm just waiting for my first paycheck so I can use my own money instead of my mom's. I also have to make two lab coats, one for me and one for :iconelenblaith:. She's being Hojo from FFVII, and I'm being Ienzo from Birth By Sleep. I also want to remake my Edward Elric coat since I'm pulling him out of the closet for Otakon 2010.

That's my life. I hope you enjoyed the sheer boringness and stuff.
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Khaosdarkness7 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2010
YAY FOR SHIZU-CHAN. -vending machine'd-

Does this mean I might be able to possibly convince you to join the little DRRR cosplay thing we've got going?
CheshireMax Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2010
I would love nothing more.
But who would I cosplay? D:
Khaosdarkness7 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2010
I don't know. Shizzy, maybe~?
CheshireMax Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2010
... I'm five foot three.
I don't think that'll work.

Who's already taken?
Khaosdarkness7 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2010
Yeah, well, I'm only five feet. Granted, I'm pretty young, but...

We have Shinra, Celty, Erika, and Celty-Mika. And possibly Kida.
CheshireMax Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2010
I'm nearly 17, I'm not growing anymore Dx You young people and your growth spurts, and your man-on-man porn, and your historically inaccurate comics, and your *rambles on in an old person voice.*

I think I'll go with Mikado. :3
Khaosdarkness7 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2010
I haven't grown an inch in the last year.
-is tuning you out, la di da-

...see, you just made me imagine Mikado saying that in an old man voice and wtf is this mental image, I don't even.
CheshireMax Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2010
You've seen it. You can't unsee it.
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