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Published: November 1, 2010
I just got back from a theater conference yesterday! It was super fun and very much like an anime convention, but with theater instead. I saw lots of good shows and colleges saw my portfolio on friday (which was super nerve-wracking but more on that later). My school competed in a one-act competition, but we didn't win ANYTHING. We also went ice skating, but after one twisted knee, one twisted ankle, and six stitches on the chin, they aren't going to allow the kids next year to go xD

Okay, the portfolio thing. I want to get a major in theater with a emphasis on the technical aspects. I submitted my portfolio (it had costuming, photography, and stage managing) and all the schools there (about twenty of them) would look it (and others) over and post a call back list of kids they were interested in having come to their school. They do the same thing for the acting/musical theater kids, but instead they do a monologue.

I got called back by ELEVEN schools. That's the best out of anyone in my school. ELEVEN. *flails arms* One school even gave me an application with a waived fee! Two of them asked me to  bring my portfolio by so they could talk about it with me!

Okay, I'm getting off that topic, I'm too excited and proud.

Halloween! I went trick-or-treating as Roxie Richter, I also had a Ramona and a plushie Scott, and another friend as a scarecrow. I got lots of candy and it was fun :3

I also found out that the new principal of my school lives on my street. Just a few houses down. It was very awkward. I was wearing booty shorts, fishnets, and knee-high boots. I hope he didn't recognize me.

I think I've had too much candy. /:
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I was wondering where you had disappeered to.