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  • Reading: Leviathan
  • Watching: Jennifer's Body
I just finished watching Jennifer's Body and for some reason that movie freaked me out more than it should have. I just get really scared in situations when it seems like there's no hope/you can't run away/you will absolutely die now and painfully.

Strangely enough that's always what happens in my nightmares.

Which is why I can't just turn off my light and fall asleep right now because I know I will start getting scared of every gust of wind outside and every shadow in my room.

On a happier note; CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!

And on Friday/Saturday it snowed a BUTTLOAD of snow. About twenty or so inches, enough that after I shoveled the driveway on Saturday I woke up Sunday extremely sore and with bruises on my arms that I don't remember getting. I was kinda hoping that it would snow again on Thursday but it looks like it'll be too warm and will rain instead D:

I also asked for a whole bunch of crap for Christmas. I know I probably won't get half of it, but it's good to give my parents something to choose from. I know for sure I'm getting RomeoxJuliet part 2, a Roxas-centric calendar, and a purple wig (for my school musical, Seussical). I also think I may get the Dr. Horrible shirt I asked for but there's no guarantee. We shall see...

So... Now that I'm done spilling my guts the only thing left to say is I hope every one has a happy holiday (or days)! I don't like to say 'Merry Christmas'. What if someone's Jewish?!
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Submitted on
December 21, 2009