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Bah, I need to get that other journal off my page.

For any cosplayers reading this that are in college; how do you go to cons/cosplay at cons when in college? I know that I won't be able to drag my costumes and wigs along with me, and I probably won't be able to drive to my house every con just to get them. I've been wondering how you all handle that.

Speaking of college, I got accepted into my first choice university already. I only applied to two schools (I've checked out tons though...) and now that I've already been accepted to where I want to go (I've also been accepted into my major already!) I don't really feel the need to apply to more. Of course, certain parents believe otherwise...

I also started a 365 photography project for 2011! I'll post some of them up here eventually, but they're all going on my facebook for everyone that's friends with me there. :)

Bye for now~
MarxMaka Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2011  Student General Artist
Ohh~ interesting. Good job! Well I don't dorm yet. I started not dorming...but the friends I know that do dorm have taken at least one favorite cosplay or two they have to store away with the respective wigs. And depending the area you check online what cons are near and see how you get to them and find cheap transport and nonsense. -nodnod-
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January 4, 2011