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I hate exams.
I hate taking them and I hate studying for them.
I hate talking about them and hearing other people talking about them.
I hate how everyone obsesses over them and I don't give a flying fuck.
I am a very angry person.

So I've done/am doing three consecutive shows. Big River ended less than a month ago, a week later I started going to Alice in Wonderland Jr. rehearsals as a stage hand/ninja. That just ended Sunday and then, that same Sunday, I started rehearsals for the annual One Acts Festivals. (And then comes The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee...) The upside is that I'm getting paid for doing tech work now. The downside is that I have no free time and I still can't get a job and will most likely be going back to my old job. Theme parks, wooo.

I started the jacket for Romano and found a wig for him, which I can buy thanks to the money I made from Alice! And my parents told me I would never make any money doing tech. Pfft.
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My latest obsession:
AMERICAN IDIOT THE FUCKIN' MUSICAL. It's amazing. I'm not even kidding, I liked it more than Avenue Q, Jesus Christ Superstar, and The Lion King (and yes, I have seen all those musicals). If you ever go to New York City and have the chance, either reserve tickets or hit up the TKTS booth, I got a Sunday Matinee ticket for $30, but they'll probably be selling out quicker and be more expensive because....

Billie Joe Armstrong has joined the cast! He's on Broadway as St. Jimmy between January 1 and sometime mid-Febuary. Of course, he was on break the weekend I went (just my luck, eh?) so I didn't get to see him. Which can be seen as good on two accounts, his understudy is a better singer than he is and I might not have gotten tickets had he been there.

But yeah, my trip to NYC was awesome. I got to see four shows! The Lion King (the girl who is currently playing Nala graduated from my high school!), Time Stands Still (IT WAS AWESOME), American Idiot, and Avenue Q (Off-Broadway).

One more thing, we got an after show chat with the cast of the Lion King. Last time we went to NYC we got to do this with the cast of In The Heights, but only like, four people came. The ENTIRE cast of The Lion King came to talk to us. And only us! IT MADE MY DAY. And I asked a question (about getting into their costumes and costume changes) and the guy that played Scar talked DIRECTLY TO ME. IT WAS WONDEROUS.
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Bah, I need to get that other journal off my page.

For any cosplayers reading this that are in college; how do you go to cons/cosplay at cons when in college? I know that I won't be able to drag my costumes and wigs along with me, and I probably won't be able to drive to my house every con just to get them. I've been wondering how you all handle that.

Speaking of college, I got accepted into my first choice university already. I only applied to two schools (I've checked out tons though...) and now that I've already been accepted to where I want to go (I've also been accepted into my major already!) I don't really feel the need to apply to more. Of course, certain parents believe otherwise...

I also started a 365 photography project for 2011! I'll post some of them up here eventually, but they're all going on my facebook for everyone that's friends with me there. :)

Bye for now~
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It's  about time I got off my lazy ass and wrote my con report. I really enjoyed AUSA, but I just wish I hadn't run around and tried to do so much, but at the same time I wish I could've done more.

Got there around 5, and derped around in the room while waiting for Haley and her posse to show up.

Changed into Hungary with Megan as Belarus and we headed to the con to hit up the dealers room for a bit while waiting for Toasty.

She arrived, I shoved her into my Hungary dress (as Austria of course), we got her badge and went to Chili's!

We then played Apples to Apples for a bit before going to photoshoot and basically running all around the con.

I had to get up at seven to go to my All-District chorus audition.

I got back around eleven, changed into Switzerland and went to McDonald's with Katelyn, Megan, and Katelyn's friend.

Went to the Hetalia Ask A Nation panel and had hilarious times (Italy took off his pants so I had to pretend to be angry and I called Austria a whore; it was glorious).

Was at the public Hetalia shoot for all of five minutes before being dragged away by Toasty to take pictures for her Halloween!Hetalia group. (ILY guys :3)

I went back to the room and changed into Hungary then went and waited in line for the Masquerade with Haley, Katie, and Megan. We were seated pretty quickly then danced like sluts, t'was fun xD

Megan and I went back to the room to see about food and such and I wound up running out of the room and crashed Toasty's mini room-party :3

We headed over to the Hetalia PJ Party bringing tidings of rainbow cupcakes. Lithuania and I ran around for a bit trying to find a place and we all eventually wedged ourselves in a corner and had awesome fun times! I was "God"/the narrator/whatever you want to call it for the Mafia game. So much fun was had xD

The party ended around midnight so Megan and I basically just went and passed out in our room, me with wet hair which was not fun in the morning. D8

Woke up at nine and changed into Mikado for the Durarara!! shoot, got to the con and realized I'd forgotten my badge so I went to get it and took Megan's instead since I couldn't find mine and would find it later.

The Durarara!! shoot was fun even though only three of us showed up (me as Mikado, Toasty as Shinra, and Meevist as Kida).

I went back to the hotel to pack up, did so and changed into Roxie Richter (Scott Pilgrim) with Megan as Ramona Flowers.

Showed up fashionably late to the Hetalia Serious Business panel and enjoyed myself there and also learned a lot. Megan and I then went and spent the rest of our money and hung out with Toasty and other amazingly awesome people~

Sat around the entrance and chatted while waiting until three. Then we said our goodbyes and left. ;_;


AUSA is refreshing compared to all the stupid drama that was at Otakon. I really wish I could've done chess again this year, but alas, goddamned chorus teacher wouldn't let me.

Speaking of that goddamned woman and chorus, I got into the All-District mixed chorus. Which I really didn't want to because while the dates for the festival are the weekend before Katsucon, the make-up snow days are the weekend of. So I can't make any definite plans for Katsucon because I might wind up only going for Sunday, and if that's the case I might not even bother cosplaying. It sucks balls.

Also I can't just say no and couldn't not audition, the former because the stupid teacher already paid my fees out of her own pocket, and the latter because she paid for my audition fees and took my score as a grade. I didn't even get a fucking choice and she tells me I should be happy since people who really wanted to get in didn't and I'm one of the few that did.

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Updated schedule, this one is much more finalized.

5:00 – Arrival
5:30 – Hetalia Photoshoot (in lobby) as Hungary

7:00 – Wake up
7:30 – Leave for All-District chorus audition
8:30 – Arrive at MVHS for warm-ups and to kill myself
9:00 – Audition
9:30 – Leave to go back to AUSA
11:00 – Hopefully be back
1:00 – Hetalia ‘Ask A Nation’ panel
2:30 – Hetalia photoshoot (in lobby) as Switzerland
4:00 – Get in line for masquerade
8:45 – Hetalia PJ shoot/party as Hungary or Switzerland

10:00 – Durarara!! Meet in lobby to the right.
11:00 - Change into Roxie Richter and check out of room
11:30 – Hetalia SRS BZNS Panel
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I just got back from a theater conference yesterday! It was super fun and very much like an anime convention, but with theater instead. I saw lots of good shows and colleges saw my portfolio on friday (which was super nerve-wracking but more on that later). My school competed in a one-act competition, but we didn't win ANYTHING. We also went ice skating, but after one twisted knee, one twisted ankle, and six stitches on the chin, they aren't going to allow the kids next year to go xD

Okay, the portfolio thing. I want to get a major in theater with a emphasis on the technical aspects. I submitted my portfolio (it had costuming, photography, and stage managing) and all the schools there (about twenty of them) would look it (and others) over and post a call back list of kids they were interested in having come to their school. They do the same thing for the acting/musical theater kids, but instead they do a monologue.

I got called back by ELEVEN schools. That's the best out of anyone in my school. ELEVEN. *flails arms* One school even gave me an application with a waived fee! Two of them asked me to  bring my portfolio by so they could talk about it with me!

Okay, I'm getting off that topic, I'm too excited and proud.

Halloween! I went trick-or-treating as Roxie Richter, I also had a Ramona and a plushie Scott, and another friend as a scarecrow. I got lots of candy and it was fun :3

I also found out that the new principal of my school lives on my street. Just a few houses down. It was very awkward. I was wearing booty shorts, fishnets, and knee-high boots. I hope he didn't recognize me.

I think I've had too much candy. /:
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Fuck you.

I haven't done a journal entry in a while so here goes.

In the application process, I basically know where I want to go and my grades/test scores are above their median of accepted students. So, I'm good on that.

Portfolio for college:
Basically done, I'm taking it with me to a theater conference this weekend to submit to hopefully maybe get a scholarship for technical theater.

All of my costumes are done (Switzerland, Hungarys, Mikado, Roxie), I'm almost done with all of the costumes I was commissioned on. The Belarus dress I'm making is fairly done (as seen in pictures) and so is the Ramona Flowers costume. I've got a hotel room, pre-reg badge, and groups to chill with. Hopefully this won't turn out like Otakon on Friday.

My costume is done (Roxie Richter) but I still have to make Ramona's bag for my Ramona. I also need to find out where I'm trick-or-treating. I should get on that.

All else:
I'm stage managing/doing lights for our one-act competition piece and it could be so much better. But people suck. Especially teenagers. Yes. That means you.

My brain is fried; I'm running on tea and chocolate right now. I want wantons.
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I ordered stupid knee-high boots from them, paid and everything then today they send me an e-mail saying that they're OUT OF STOCK! D:< I'll get a refund but still! Those were the cheapest boots in my size that I could find! ARRRRGH! ):<

Oh look, the cast list for Crimes of the Heart is up... *trots over to e-mail* ... ALKSDFJALSKDJFLKZJDFLKAJDF!!!!!1!!!1!!!!!!!1!1!!1
I GOT LENNY MAGRATH! FUCKING LEAD FUCK SHIT. Well, there's only six characters, BUT STILL! Out of the 30 something girls that auditioned I GOT THE PART 8D

Heehee :3
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I talked to my choir teacher and I think what I'll have to do is just have my mom drive me from the con to the auditions, do the stupid thing, then drive back to the con. I would drive myself but I've been driving for a little over a year and have had my license since April 9th. Not happening.

Yes. It is going to be a bitch since I'll probably miss a good six hours of Saturday. But I'm saving my grade and going to the con so I'll have to get the fuck over it.

Also, I'm coming down with a cold. Fuuuuuck.  


And then you die.

So, guess what! In my Select Women's choir it is mandatory that everyone tries out for All-District choir. The auditions are on November 14th.


Because it's so early in the school year, and because I auditioned last year and I have NO INTENTION OF ACTUALLY BEING IN ALL DISTRICT, she might let me go with doing to audition in class as a grade or writing an essay or something. I'm good at essays. Especially ridiculously long ones that insult everyone and use overly large words.

Happy news:
I saw Scott Pilgrim yesterday 8D
My Switzerland wig shipped on Friday
I'm getting the trials for my green contacts Wednesday
My last day of work is September 5th
I should finish Mikado today
I had Chick-fil-A for lunch
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I've got my Switzerland (Axis Powers Hetalia) costume, I'm planning on ordering the wig, but my parents don't want me making any more big purchases. That includes wigs.

I'm getting Swiss regardless, but the main problem is Knight!Hungary, Vietnam, and Mikado. At Otakon I used my real hair for Knight!Hungary, but it's getting too long to use now so I could dye it black for Vietnam and be set. (I've been planning on dying my hair black anyway.)

I know a way to get cheap Party City wigs to work almost as well as not-suckish wigs, so I could do that for Mikado. And as for Knight!Hungary, I could just cut my old Hungary wig and hopefully that'll work.

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Just. OMG. I can say no more.
Well, yes, I can. And I will. If I remember it all...

Btw, this is all venting mostly. If you don't want to read it all, you don't have to. Just skip to the bottom.

My brother drove to Elenblaith's house where I chilled and read Tsubasa and Scott Pilgrim and was then interrupted by cleaning ladies (TELL ME NEXT TIME, HO). Then got cat slobber all over my new Hellboy comic. Elenblaith and TTGirlFan got home from work and we had pizza and modeled our cosplays (ironically enough, neither of them got used xD).

Elenblaith went to work while I slept in. I got a call from her telling me to get up and get ready. Five minutes later her dad bursts in and tells me that she has to go to the urgent care center (TELL ME ABOUT THAT TOO NEXT TIME). Spent about two hours sitting around only for them to tell us that it was just a sprain and would need to be wrapped. We got ready and went to Baltimore.

We arrived around four o'clock, I had the hotel my brother was staying at hold my bags (because he wouldn't leave to take me to his room) and then went to the hotel Elenblaith was going to stay at. We chilled for about an hour and a half, went to get Chipotle then I separated myself from the group to put my bags in my bro's room.

(Subsequently I wound up not cosplaying Ienzo and missing the KH shoot.)

I put my stuff away, got my badge, then freaked the fuck out because I was alone and Elenblaith wouldn't tell me where she was aside from 'I'm in the dealers room' and 'keep looking'. I found her. Eventually.

Looked around a bit, sat around some more, then headed to the rave. I was eventually shoved at three of my friends whom I was going to stay with and Elenblaith ditched me.

At about eleven thirty we stopped by my brother's hotel to grab my pjs and Pennsylvania and then took the metro to the hotel we were staying at. Lulz and junk food eating occurred.

Took the metro back to Otakon, hung out in the fourth floor bathroom while two of my friends got into their Burst Angel cosplays. Eventually left to go to the State-tan shoot! But first I stopped by my brother's hotel to drop off my pjs and clothes from Friday and pick up my goggles (which I had forgotten). And free hotel coffee.

Had awesome fun times with the States, Obama, countries that showed up, and TECA (she was so nice!). Then ran back to my brother's hotel to change into Knight!Hungary, ran back to the con and got scarred for life at the APH shoot. (So. Many. PEOPLE.) But it was awesome and I enjoyed photobombing a Teutonic Knight!Prussia who photobombed Chibitalia and HRE.

I then went to the Hetalia Premiere and met MarxMaka! We stalked the Prussia who was stalking everyone else and then met up with Elenblaith (who was a lucky bitch and didn't have to wait in line because she's CRIPPLED. Jk, ILU.). EVACUATIONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

We got to use the escalators since Elenblaith was on crutches, MarxMaka and I were her Hungarian Bodyguards. We got awesome special treatment, waited outside a bit, then went and chilled in the Hilton (because Elenblaith only got the room for Saturday).

MarxMaka, Elenblaith's sister and her two friends, and I then went to Five Guys for FOOOOOOD. (Because at cons, everyone only has one meal a day. If you have more, you're overdoing it.)

After this I can't remember the exact order of things because it all happened very fast. MarxMaka and I had fun at the photo suite, I moved all my stuff from my brother's hotel to the Hilton, changed into Green Dress!Hungary and MarxMaka changed into her Children's Day!Hungary.

Uhhhh, then we... Met up with Jazfun57 and other cool people (Miku, Roxas, other girl, other people I can't remember) and waited for Toasty. We chilled and stalked/took pictures of people for a while. Then Toasty arrived and we PARTIED! If by 'partied' you're thinking of AustriaxHungary fanservice and face sucking along with playing Apples to Apples, then yes. We did party. We partied hard.

After several... hours Loui, Toasty, other cool people, and I went and took pictures with my awesome camera HERACLES! Then everyone but Toasty went home, so Toasty and I walked back to the hotel and said bye!

But then I had to wait for Elenblaith, because she parties harder than I do.

Elenblaith had to go to work at like... seven, so she left and I slept until eight. Then got up, got into Green Dress!Hungary (with awesome socks because my feet were hurting), and met up with Toasty, MarxMaka, and awesome Greece and saw the Hetalia Fan Panel, which was hilarious and more people should've gone.

We then lost Greece (D: ) and went to the con, got in line for Starbucks, but then my mom (having great timing...) called and told me to get my crap to put in the car so I could check out of the hotel. Toasty and MarxMaka walked with me to the hotel (because I probably would've gotten lost), left to pretty much do the same, and I found my mom, who isn't that smart.

Later I met up with Jazfun57 (WHO WAS SHIZUOOOOOOOOOO) and the awesome people again and we chilled and waited for Toasty (who got stuck on an elevator xD) and MarxMaka. While waiting I was used as a tug-of-war rope between a Russia and a Austria, I saved Chibi!America and Chibi!Canada from said Russia, and more lulz happened.

We then went to the Dealers room (because I had to buy shit), we saw Teca again, made Hetalia fan cards (Switzerland!), I bought doujins and a T-shirt, and we lost Jazfun57 and the awesome people.

The rest of the con was pretty much sitting on our asses in a corner, going to the Soul Eater photoshoot, sitting on our asses again but this time joined by N. Italy and awesome fan-panelist France. Then we leeeeft D:

Then I went to see a Dolphin show at the aquarium with my family while in Green Dress!Hungary. xD

Finally got home at like... seven-thirty. Died that night.

Got up for work at eight. Left at nine. Clocked in at nine fifty-five. Cleaned up puke from twelve fifteen through one o'clock (there was a lot of it and it smelled so bad and no matter how many times I wash my hands I can STILL SMELL IT). Got to go home early because I was about to puke myself.


State-tan shoot
Meeting MarxMaka
Hanging out with MarxMaka, Toasty, Loui, and everyone else
Buying pretty doujins
Taking pictures with Heracles (my camera)
Hetalia fan panel
Meeting Teca
Breaking Toasty's brain
Dolphin shoooow~
"He's America's hat/Oh you're mah hat!"
"You! Me! After this panel! Outside! NOW!"
"Hi, I'm Romano's mafia."

Pretty much all of Friday
Losing Heracles's lense cap
Excessive flirting and face sucking
Not buying enough shit
Not going to the artists alley
Not seeing my brother (in the con), Li-wa, Jazz and Katt, Rob, Kristin Kim-Mai and Harland (in their cosplays)
Not hanging out with Elenblaith enough
Being fucking shuffled from group to group on Friday
Cell phone dying on Friday
Not seeing the Hetalia premiere
Not going to the Masquerade (wtf I've never been to an Otakon Masquerade)
Leaving and saying goodbye to everyone! D:

Vague plans for AUSA:
Not fucking up the hotel booking.
Another APH cosplay? (Switzerland? Romano? Another Hungary?)

I wrote a lot, but I had a lot to vent.
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I just really want to get that stupid question off my homepage.

Tomorrow, I get to throw beanie babies at actors on stage, have an epic nerf gun fight, buy sparkly rainbow unicorn plates, eat good food, not go to work, sleep in, dress like a pirate, also dress like a stage ninja (RE: Techie), have a dance party, throw sharpies at stupid people, put on war paint, and play more Pokemon.

Life isn't all that bad right now, but just watch. I'll probably start crying in about five minutes. Damn hormones.
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A. Hungover.
B. Shame, because your name is P-Diddy.
C. Pride, because you just got laid five times in a row.
D. Like a boss.
E. All of the above.
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A sort-of general update.

I found my older brother on dA. Literally. He's my blood-relative and is three years older than me, he is currently at college. He has a dA. xD
(If anyone's curious he's a zombie in my favorites ;3)

I have work tomorrow, it's the middle shift so I get to sleep in. Then I have Sunday off :D
If anyone goes to Kings Dominion stop by Flight of Fear!

I'm planning on getting a new Hungary wig, since I've never liked my old one. My Knight!Hungary costume is nearly done and then I just have to finish Ienzo and I'll be set for Otakon. Pretty much.

I have SATs in a few weeks, then prom is coming up.

My drivers license is finally valid so I can drive myself to work. :D

My GPA is 4.78 (our GPA scale is weird, it's more like a 3.8 in normal GPA-talk. I think).

Now excuse me while I ROFL about my brother.
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Random update journal :D

For some reason unknown to me I have a 100% in Algebra II. I hate math. I hate it with a burning passion. I sleep during that class. Why the Hell am I getting 100s on the tests/quizzes? SENSE = THIS MAKES NONE.

We're reading Feed by M. T. Anderson in my AP Lit class, it's a really good book and if you're a misanthrope like myself then you should hide under your beds because if this is the future then I never wanna see it.

A local theater group is doing Rugrats: A Live Show (it's a musical). The auditions are next week and I'm gonna try for it. I kinda wanna get Chuckie, but I'm not a left-handed ginger toddler so I dunno.

One more year to go (after this one). I'm looking at colleges but it's really hard because none of the websites are user friendly D:


Durarara is my new obession. Shizuo is my new favorite character. I love him.

I love him.

He's on the same level as Kanda right now. And that's like, explosion-through-the-roof-I'm-gonna-die-I-FUCKING-LOVE-HIM love. Yeah.

(There's only one page of DRRR fanfics on D: This needs to be fixed.)

Video Making:
I've gotten into AMV and GMV making lately. I'm in two groups on YouTube: Asymmetrical Wonderland (the name's under construction) and The Asylum. I'm thinking auditioning for another studio soon but I'm not too sure if I want too... Meh.

Go check out my YouTube page:…
My Cosplay YouTube page:…

I'm really getting into photography. I'm thinking of making it my major or minor in college. Hopefully for my birthday I can get a good digital camera (one of those $600 ones) for my birthday from my parents and offer to pay for half of it.

I'm planning a photo shoot with some friends for my class once the weather gets nicer. It's not a cosplay photo shoot either, but an actual I-don't-know-how-to-describe-it photo shoot. If it all works out I'll get some good shots and put some up on deviant art.

I'm employed.

At King's Dominion. xD

I'm pretty excited for this actually. Mostly because of…
BEAM ME UP! No really. I love aliens.

Also the new ride, Intimidator is opening and it looks SUPER AWESOME.

I'm working on a Bleach hollow jaw-mask for :icontheoris-jokul:. And when I say working I mean 'meaning to work on it but I keep forgetting'. xD Sorry Aaron! I'll do it, I promise!

I'm also going to start my Knight!Hungary costume soon, I'm just waiting for my first paycheck so I can use my own money instead of my mom's. I also have to make two lab coats, one for me and one for :iconelenblaith:. She's being Hojo from FFVII, and I'm being Ienzo from Birth By Sleep. I also want to remake my Edward Elric coat since I'm pulling him out of the closet for Otakon 2010.

That's my life. I hope you enjoyed the sheer boringness and stuff.
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Maybe my best con yet. :3
A week before the con I was so sad 'cuz I thought my con-buddies weren't going to go so I wouldn't go but then everything turned out wonderful and amazing!
Except for the fact that I am not photogenic AT ALL. D: I always look terrible in pictures.

I was out of cosplay on Friday and arrive around 8 o'clock so I couldn't get into the Hetalia panel, but I did rick roll them when they left and win at BS. I enjoyed the Vic Mignogna concert and bought a CD of his, didn't get his autograph because of the long line and curfew.

Saturday was awesome, I was Pennsylvania (APH OC) in the morning and had TONS of fun with the other States and Territories. I also got Vic Mignogna's autograph and was fourth in line for the autograph session.

The Hetalia meet was awesome and I actually felt good about my cosplay. I've lost about ten pounds since the last time I wore it and I also adjusted the torso and the apron and sleeves to fit me better. The photoshoot was the most fun I've ever had at a photoshoot. I had a bit of a break down when my friends abandoned me to wait in line for the masquerade (DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES YOU LEFT ME THERE AND DID NOT LOOK FOR ME). I was close to crying and was emoing in a corner when another Hungary asked if anyone wanted to go to the Masquerade with them so I got to go and found my friends again.

After the masquerade (which was pretty good, except for the jiggly-twins MCs) I got changed, went to IHOP, and then apparently became a prostitute according to the state of Maryland.

Sunday wasn't as much fun, got Vic Mignogna's new CD and took a picture with him (which will never see the light of day since I look horrible). Then I mostly walked around and spent the last of my money :3

Now I can't wait for Otakon xD

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I just finished watching Jennifer's Body and for some reason that movie freaked me out more than it should have. I just get really scared in situations when it seems like there's no hope/you can't run away/you will absolutely die now and painfully.

Strangely enough that's always what happens in my nightmares.

Which is why I can't just turn off my light and fall asleep right now because I know I will start getting scared of every gust of wind outside and every shadow in my room.

On a happier note; CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!

And on Friday/Saturday it snowed a BUTTLOAD of snow. About twenty or so inches, enough that after I shoveled the driveway on Saturday I woke up Sunday extremely sore and with bruises on my arms that I don't remember getting. I was kinda hoping that it would snow again on Thursday but it looks like it'll be too warm and will rain instead D:

I also asked for a whole bunch of crap for Christmas. I know I probably won't get half of it, but it's good to give my parents something to choose from. I know for sure I'm getting RomeoxJuliet part 2, a Roxas-centric calendar, and a purple wig (for my school musical, Seussical). I also think I may get the Dr. Horrible shirt I asked for but there's no guarantee. We shall see...

So... Now that I'm done spilling my guts the only thing left to say is I hope every one has a happy holiday (or days)! I don't like to say 'Merry Christmas'. What if someone's Jewish?!
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I'm trying to think of something witty to say.
Give me a moment.

I got nothing.

Anime USA 2009. Not my favorite convention experience. Halfway through Saturday I had some... boy troubles that pretty much ruined my weekend (but also made it awesome and makes me feel warm and fuzzy if that makes ANY sense).

I literally spent ALL of my money. Like, I had just the right amount for everything I bought so that there are no more bills left. Which I got some cool stuff, a purple tail, a wall scroll, T-shirt, and some awesome prints.

Cosplay Chess; fun. If a bit ill-planned. I was the white knight 1 on the Video Games side (Saix from KH2), and this was the piece I was hoping to get so that made me pretty happy. I was killed off pretty quickly the first match (which was scripted), the second match I stayed in the whole time and killed like, seven pieces. Including Riza Hawkeye, who killed me off in the first game (REVENGE). >:3

The saturday KH photoshoot was pretty much nonexistant. It was SoNo Pro and about five other cosplayers. We took a few pictures and then kind of disbanded. I wound up watching the AMV contest (I'M ON A BOAT xD). And for some reason my binding was bothering me a lot more than usual so I got out of my Saix costume pretty quickly and in normal clothes by 2 o'clock.

Sunday was fun :3 but again I had the boy troubles (which was awkward to say the least). I dressed as Hungary (green dress vers.) from Axis Powers Hetalia. I love that costume (IT'S SO POOFY), but it's just not fun to cosplay alone. I got one picture taken, and multiple people shouting 'HUNGARY'. And apparently New York approves of me xD

Btw, half the time I was Hungary I had in Zombie Green contacts xD Why? The contact dude ran out of normal green contacts (he didn't have two left, he had ONE. How do you have one contact lense left?) and I really wanted to get some.

Jazz, Katt, I love you both but you seriously need to actually go to a con for all three days. It's more ENRICHING. I swear, Haley and I are going to kidnap you two one of these days.

Things to do at Katsucon that were not done at AUSA:
Get normal contact lenses.
Get a picture with Prussia.
Drink more Ramune.
Not have hotel problems Dx
  • Reading: emo poetry
  • Watching: Glee
  • Playing: Dissidia
I finally said it. I realized how much I hate that class when after the chorus concert tonight I cried the entire drive home.

Why did I cry? Because my chorus sucks, we looked like fucking idiots next to vocal ensemble and select woman's. We can barely sing in three-part harmony and the other two were doing five and six part. We had ONE acapella (no instruments) song and since we kept screwing it up we had the pianist play it with us. The other choirs sang ALL of their songs acapella.

Yeah, I realize that it's my fault because I didn't audition for a better choir, but I didn't know that concert choir was a complete JOKE.

Lately I've been feeling like I'm losing any and all talent I ever had. I didn't get a part in the musical, I auditioned for two youtube groups and didn't get into either (one AMV and one cosplay), I didn't get the ensemble part I wanted in the musical (I wanted to be a hunch but I got in the jungle with half of the damn cast), and I just feel like I'm losing my singing ability.

My mom said she'll look for a voice teacher but knowing her, she'll forget. Even if she does find one I know that they won't be nearly as good as Miss Jenn, my ninth grade voice teacher.


... Damn, I'm really complaining a lot, aren't I?

... So... How was your day?