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Birth of the Daemons
Aside from the basic elements, there are two powerful forces of energy. There is cosmic energy, the energy of creation. Then there is chaotic energy, the energy of destruction. Where Natus was the physical embodiment of creation, a being named Kaos embodied destruction.
After suffering a tragic loss, he took his pain out upon all that Natus had created. From his pain, his rage, his sorrow, wave after wave of raw chaotic energy was unleashed. Empty, formless creatures spawned from this energy. Like their creator, these creatures are beings of pure chaos, and they existed only to destroy.
After Kaos was imprisoned, the few Celestial deities who survived sent their children, the Eclipse, to hunt these creatures. Though they tried, the beasts could not be killed. Nothing could stop the havoc they wrought. Everyone could practically feel the dread in the air. But it was more than that. Something had changed.
All throughout existence, a pressure could be felt, and the creatures were drawn to
:iconcheshirej69:CheshireJ69 1 0
Dawn of Creation: Ivaldi
In the beginning, there was nothing. Only a vast emptiness known as the Void. Existing even before time and space, this emptiness is the source of many mysteries. And it is with one such mystery that our story begins.
Out of the nothingness, a singular spark of cosmic energy emerged. From this spark, an entire new reality was forged. Stars, planets, and all of the elements came into being at once. All from a mysterious little spark.
That spark did not stop there. It grew, it expanded, and soon it was a brilliant sun, shining with blue light. Cosmic light. The essence of creation itself.
But more that that, it was alive! A sentient being, a being who would come to be known by all who come after as Natus, the Star of Creation.
Many planets began to gravitate towards Natus, and soon they began to orbit the cosmic star. He watched in awe as he formed a galaxy of his own, the Ivaldi system. And here, yet another mystery was born.
Nine elemental planets and their many moons began to occupy t
:iconcheshirej69:CheshireJ69 0 2
The Shadow in the Darkness by CheshireJ69 The Shadow in the Darkness :iconcheshirej69:CheshireJ69 4 4 RWBY OC Weapons: Team BANA by CheshireJ69 RWBY OC Weapons: Team BANA :iconcheshirej69:CheshireJ69 38 2 RWBY Weapon: Absalom / Chaos and Discord by CheshireJ69 RWBY Weapon: Absalom / Chaos and Discord :iconcheshirej69:CheshireJ69 16 0 OC Styx by CheshireJ69 OC Styx :iconcheshirej69:CheshireJ69 3 0
Trinity: The Rift
He fell to his knees, clutching his head in pain as memories flooded his thoughts, twisting his mind once more.
"My love! What's wrong?!"
He could not answer her, nor could he even hear her. The memories consumed his senses. Memories of their past. Of their child. The child she murdered out of jealousy. He loves her, he hates her. He wants to be with her, but he wants to leave, to inflict great suffering upon all of existence. Then everyone would finally know his pain.
"Eternal suffering....."
He stood and grabbed Draco's Trident and Gaia's Axe. Panicking and unsure of what to do, she ran out of the room to find their child and to protect her from the storm to come.
He slammed the axe into the balcony. He drew back his trident, preparing to swing. He looked up, up at the cosmos above him. This is existence. The existence created by the blue star that has shone so brightly for all these millennia.
"The era of light is over. Today marks the beginning of a new era. The e
:iconcheshirej69:CheshireJ69 2 78
Trinity: The Passing of the Power
"There must be an alternative?"
"Our options are limited at this point. There is little we can do against what is to come. This is the most logical action."
Ariana bit her lip. She was finding it hard to process what was being said to her.
"I can't accept such a responsibility. Damien..."
"He will understand. They all will. I assure you, accepting this will not tear you away from those you love."
Those she loves.....her mind drifts. Thoughts of those she cares for soar through her head. Her mother and father.....her husband Damien.....their daughter Erica......her brother......
Ariana looks up at the heart of existence.
"I'll do it......for Dyron."
"....Very well. Let us begin."
:iconcheshirej69:CheshireJ69 5 1
College Project 1: Heartless Value Sketch by CheshireJ69 College Project 1: Heartless Value Sketch :iconcheshirej69:CheshireJ69 8 2 Heir to the Hatter by CheshireJ69 Heir to the Hatter :iconcheshirej69:CheshireJ69 5 2 Vengeful Assassin by CheshireJ69 Vengeful Assassin :iconcheshirej69:CheshireJ69 6 3 From Prince to Pauper by CheshireJ69 From Prince to Pauper :iconcheshirej69:CheshireJ69 5 3 The Incarnation of Chaos by CheshireJ69 The Incarnation of Chaos :iconcheshirej69:CheshireJ69 6 8
Trinity: Chapter 1: Frost and Flame
Two twin planets orbited around a brilliant green star. The one furthest from the star was covered entirely in ice, while the one closest was ravaged by flames. Both worlds each had a single sentient inhabitant.
Mighty dragons, one of frost and one of flame, each shaped by the savage surroundings of their respective worlds. The ice dragon, Frostel, was a calm and wise individual, while the fire dragon, Flaren, was alert and savage.
One fateful day, the planetary orbits of the two worlds intertwined, and the two collided. Massive quakes shook both worlds, and disturbed the solitude of the dragons. The two dragons saw their worlds disintegrating, and they rapidly flew to see what was causing their worlds to collapse.
The two dragons found each other. Flaren blamed Frostel for their worlds collision, and he then proceeded to attack the ice dragon. Frostel, attempted to reason with him, but Flaren was too blinded by rage to listen to his words.
And so they battled. The two dragons savagely
:iconcheshirej69:CheshireJ69 3 2
Trinity: Prologue
In the beginning, all of existence was a vast and empty nothingness, filled with eternal darkness. But from this darkness, a single light was born: a blue star.
The star sat alone in nothingness, until it began to form a state of conciousness. It began to yearn for more than the emptiness that it was born from, and as it's desire for more grew, it expanded until the tiny star became a blazing sun.
The sentient sun then began to realize that it had an special gift. It had the ability to make its dreams reality. It was at this moment that it created existence.
In this existence it created stars like itself, filling everything with their radiant beauty. But it did not create any force to keep these stars from colliding, and thus galaxies began to sprout from their explosive collisions. The sun marveled at the wonder before it, and it silently observed everything from the center of them all.
Within these galaxies, new formations began to form. Strange structures that were not plasma, but s
:iconcheshirej69:CheshireJ69 6 16
Death Battle 84: Apocalyptic Dragons! by CheshireJ69 Death Battle 84: Apocalyptic Dragons! :iconcheshirej69:CheshireJ69 22 21


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by Zedrin

To quote eurobeat brony, this piece is "a terrifying work of art"! The dark lighting, the dramatic lightning, and the malicious glare o...


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