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No joke. This is by far the BEST haircut I've ever had and it took him probably no more that 30 minutes to wash and cut to the finish. I gave him a tip plus a hug it was so cool. Its grown out a bit now but I'm so happy I have pictures of this cut. Epic.

This was in Memmingum, Germany by the way. :)

July 2010
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super awesome haircut!! I'd love to wear my hair that short too ^^ It looks great on you ^^
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Thanks! I'll have it that short again eventually, but I'm growing it out now. If you ever get this cut though, make sure to get it done by a nice hairstyle place, not a cheap one like Great Clips. It wont look as nice.
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You're welcome! ^^ Thanks for the advice!! I'm from Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate and I have a place here I've been going to for ages now and they never messed up a single cut for me ^^ I might not go as short as you did, but quite short xD oh well.
Thanks again!
Rockomics's avatar
Nice haicut... but i love your smile!!!
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hih, I think it really looks good on you^^ I love that kind of hair, looking little jungleish but still in perfect harmony :heart:
AfifHashlamoun's avatar
hai thar girl cloud :D
Jade-skye's avatar
Damn you're pretty hot Suzy XP

Love the hair.
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yodeladyhoo's avatar
Boy, that's a bit of hike for the maintenence cuts, though, huh?
CheshFire's avatar
Unfortunetly. :(
HannajimaShields's avatar
You look great with short hair really cute ^_^
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PanMarlon's avatar
IYou look good with short hair. I freak out with myself having it.
CheshFire's avatar
I've had my hair short for a while now, its really easy to take care of. Plus shampoo lasts forever. Which is always a bonus.
Infee's avatar
In every photograph I've seen of you I love your clotthheessss.
Where do you shop maaannnn? orz

Awesome haircut btw. xD
CheshFire's avatar
Most if not all were bought at Ross. :D
Infee's avatar
But... that's where I get most of my clothes. xD
CheshFire's avatar
Pic and choose darling, just pic and choose. ^^
Shootingstarmari's avatar
I want your haircut....It's the AWESOMEST MOST PWNTASTIC HAIRCUT EVER. (made up pwntastic...I like making up words!~)
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