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EDIT: I made a white outline around it. I think it makes it pop out more. :]

Cherry Blossom Emoticon.

Here's some Cherry Blossom Petals:
:cherryblossompetals: by CherushiMetsumari 

Okay, I know it's very small, but I don't mind it.

I am really, REALLY obsessed with Cherry Blossoms. I literally own almost anything Cherry Blossom related in my home. Ask my husband, it drives him nuts!
I really wanted to have an emoticon for Cherry Blossoms, but there are none out there.
So, I made my own. :]

Feel free to use on your page and comments. No need to credit me for it.
But please, if you do use it, please favorite it!

Thank you!
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I actually got really frustrated because the journal I used them on suddenly just erased them. So sadly I didn't have the time to find this and put them back.

But perhaps I'll use this for something else sometime. I really like your style of the "buttons" anyway. X3

are these buttons
I'm unsure what to call them
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They are considered to be emotes on dA. :)
Nikoru-No-Kedakai's avatar

Well still they're very pretty and fun to use to decorate ^^
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Thank chu for making this! this is going in my donation pool! >w<
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Aw, no problem!
Thank you so much! :rainbowheart: :rainbowheart: :rainbowheart: 
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Hi~ can I use it to customize my DA page? I love cherry blossoms >///<
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You may use the Thumb Code provided in the details section to decorate your page on deviantART. Thank you so much!:rainbowheart: 
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