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A Boy and His Hat.

Boy, it's been a long time since I posted, isn't it? Here's fanart of America and Canada from Scandinavia and the World, which is an awesome webcomic that you should check out. The webcomic is made by Humon here at deviantart.

It always amuses me how Norway looks *exactly* like my brother, (from the blonde 'fro down to the love of nature) despite the fact that my brother is American. Maybe that's why he has a Norwegian girlfriend...
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I find this amazingly awesome... but then you have to take into consideration that America is also just Canada's shorts XD
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That would be very difficult to draw though.

or as Canada likes to put it, Canada is clearly the top, but I am pretty sure if I drew that picture I could not put it on deviantart.
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Nice job! I LOVE Scandinavia and the World!
Why does he look so muscular though. Didn't humon state America isn't really muscular but not fat either, just.. "big" from all the hamburgers?
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Sorry, I haven't seen where humon said that. America acts like a jock, so I drew him like one. He's also fair broad-shouldered compared to the rest of the cast.

...although yeah, considering the weight and activity level of the average american, American defiantly shouldn't be very muscular. Or skinny.
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I think the description from this [link] should answer your question
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