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Hey guys... I've started a new course on making stylized characters from scratch for zbrush... I will post the results as soon as I have something good to show... It's so difficult lol... I hope I can manage to make it look better soon.

Now about this render, she's the pink-haired girl I posted twice before. I think she's adorable, hoping to make more renders of her in the future, maybe she'll get more personality as the time passes. I named her after a character I already had who had the same name and same hair color. Might just merge them into one :) She's a personal character, so will not be for store, also because I've used parts of characters from other vendors. She'll be just just for the renders ♥

I think i'll work on her body in the future, right now i'm not a big fan of how it looks - looks a bit defaultish doesn't it?

Hope you all like this render :)

Have a great week ♥
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I think the render overall is absolutely gorgeous, and if you're just starting off doing stylized characters, this is unbelievably incredible. It's incredible either way, regardless of how long you've been doing them actually, she looks fantastic!  I do characters with zbrush too but have very little experience with stylized characters. The only ones I've done have started with a pretty developed base model already, not from scratch. I find it extreeeemely difficult to do stylized for some reason... so kudos on this!
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beautiful work

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Lovely character, hope you have fun as you tweak her features.

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Thank you! :D at some point ill do that, hopefully soon!
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I am liking the look of her. Bit hard to tell her breast size with the pose but she looks nice.
Great image as well, like the light and outfit. Feels retro while feeling futuristic, like a dancer in a club in some future city.
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Thank you :D I think it's a bit smaller than the default G8F shape. yeah right? I started this 'series' to test out this HDRI i bought not too long ago, i think it was on a super sale called 'Color Shock'. I love it! Only problem is that the shadows on the floor get too dark, black even. I don't know why it happens with this product. But other than that it's amazing! Great for stylized photoshoots.
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Sounds like a weird issue and probably due to the way the HDRI was made to get all that colour (to cast a true black)
I only use HDRI's made of natural light so not really noticed that issue.

Smaller is better for me personally as if that was not obvious from my own models :D Especially the most recent one who is my least busty so far.
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I wonder why so many people have seen this image, and only 42 liked this
Nice work 💜😍
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Realmente hermosa. Buen trabajo :)
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