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MM: Bingo meme set 1



Suit: Wands
MP: 18975 [(900 x 8) + 450 + 5000 (Bonus)] x 1.5)
Item used: :iconmmhealthpotion:

Lol, did set 1 coz I wanted to draw Ash's parents ehe. Regarding his best friend, Kouhei is also his best friend, but I might add him in another when I attempt another set- /needs to regen energy--

Explaination /copy-paste from blank meme:

1) Your own character.
Ashley Alencar

2) Your character's father / father figure / male guardian.
Sérgio Davi Alencar

3) Your character's mother / mother figure / female guardian.
Carol Johnson

4) Your classmate.
Joshua Kingsley

5) Your club mate.
Eurydice Carel

6) Your character's best friend.
Ryouichi Takehiko

7) Your character's pet.

8) Your character's sibling / childhood friend.
Rebecca Anne Fischer

9) Your character's current Persona.

//flees atm sops messy art is messy

Joshua (c) *witch-girl-pilar
Eurydice (c) *lacelazier
Ryouichi (c) ~J-Anubis
Other derps (c) Me
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Cheru, why is everything you make so magnificent ; A ; <333
So much diversity in his friends and family! I LOVE EEEET!! :iconlazyheartplz:
ALSO I want his persona's teeth. :iconimbiteplz: