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Pixel Fox - Black



Aaaand finally, it continues xD

So, here's an explanation of what this is: 
A long time ago (back in 2010) I was an active member of Squiby, a site where people can create their own, unique adoptables for others to adopt. These pals can then grow if people give them enough clicks. Anyways, I created some cute little pixel foxes and people loved them, but have lost interest after some time. The site's not pretty much active at this point and it's current state is, well, ... let's say it's not really well with the amount of bugs it has and how unprofessional it looks now. But just recently I've discovered a similar site, which looks, ... well, better, I guess? And decided to do a revamp of the old pixel foxes for others to adopt.

So here is pixel fox number nine - Black! 
With this one I first wasn't sure what color to do this one (silver? black? several versions?) since the original had unnatural red-fox-type white markings and blue eyes. In the end I thought a minimally marked whitemark / whiteface fox was the most fitting, so that's what I did. :) 

Adopt it on Maxicanvas:…

Find the old version from 2010 here: Oldo 09 Black

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