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Collab with wonderful :iconmistrel-fox:! UvU
Gosh, I need to do more Rebel Falls AU art someday. 

Gravity Falls©Alex Hirsch
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I look epic...

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This is so amazing
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Phew...For a second there I thought Mabel was holding a pistol
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Really liked them
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Фантастический рисунок  ^^
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Really good. 
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I just finished the series, so obviously my first move was to look up fanart and fanfiction. I'm curious- what's the 'Rebel Falls AU'?
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It's another AU where the story ended differently. I'm really shitty at explaining things so here's a link that has more details:… 
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Really like the style here. The way you've switched them to a more traditional-Disney type style, but still kept so perfectly to the essence of their character at the same time... I love it a lot :D
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This is very atmospheric art. I felt creeps.
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this is my favorite fan art of gravity falls.
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This is amazing! You two made an amazing job!;)
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This is absolutely amazing! 
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This may actually be canon now -
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With this fanart i could draw these teen twins in the Omniverse style as i do with Ben Tennyson!
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Not even gonna ask what happened to dippers arms o.o
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