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Welcome to Gravity Falls.

"Oops, I think I messed up the spell, girls." - Twilight.
Now, Twilight and her friends need to solve the mysteries of this supernatural town… And meet Dipper and Mabel, of course.

Gravity Falls©Alex Hirsch
MLP:FiM©Lauren Faust
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I think I would prefer a reboot of MLP in the spirit of Gravity Falls. Spike and Twilight move to Ponyville, but learn that -- in addition to the numerous bizarre creatures and paranormal incidents they must deal with -- the town and its citizens hide many deep and disturbing secrets.

The return of Nightmare Moon would be the overarching mystery, and they would assemble the Mane Six throughout the first season for a Season Finale confrontation.

Gets me thinking of this pic:

Nightmare Moon is watching you...
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I kinda wanna know how they would deal with Bill. They can’t use the power of friendship on that one. Definitely not.
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You know looking at this drawing for many years, i have imagined. Twilight and her friends has traveled to Gravity Falls and found Journal 1, wich in my mind is corrupted by Bill. When he shows up he convinces the Mane 6 that he is a good guy and asks for their assistance. He wants them to steal the other journals from the pines family wich he manged to convince the girls they're criminals and wants to use the Journals to be more powerfull.

Come on, he's a total manipulator, i can totally see this happen. And the mane 6 are like the pines twins rivals, not knowing the truth

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this is pretty cool let's see mable would definitely get along with with pinkie pie and rarity. dipper definitely would be friends with twilight, i see wendy getting along with rainbow dash, zuse, sorry i think i spelled his name wrong, would i think get along with fluttershy or apple jack, and i see grunckle stan getting along with fluttershy for she is so sweet. love the drawing 
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Equestria Falls: Witchcraft is magic
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They look like they're from the Loud House
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Beware bill cipher.

(somewhat nervously) Uhh... where did she get the Journal?
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They Will Meet Trevor Philips - Icon In Los Santos (if They Lost In There) 

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I don't really like the style 
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It's genius. GENIUS I TELL YOU!
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LOL, love rainbow dash's hair btw
Violet-DawnMLP's avatar
Who came up with this idea? It's kinda genius!
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whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? my eyes are bleeding
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Mine are gone cuz i stabbed them out when i saw this picture
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brilliant, just brilliant...🙂🙂🙂
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RR: I need a giant hat RIGHT NOW!
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Bill should really meet discord.
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Anything that is out there, its bound to be ponified X3 NO EXCEPTIONS!
Are you sure you're not thinking of porn?
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Yeah! We even ponified Gravaty Falls!
Or did we Gravity Fallify My little Pony?
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Oh Bill would be Way, WAY WORSE than Discord!
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