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Lonely soul

Nature can feel your emotions

Gravity Falls©Alex Hirsch
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This is what Dipperbean needs:

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Love it; the environment you made around Dipper is amazing and gets me in my feels:heart: beautiful, yet so sad.

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The fiend-zone log
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So really true and sad! :(
Your making me feel sadness.!!!!
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Me:.... :sits in dark room holding a Shinx plushie:
Shadow: Vixie...?
Me: leave me be... I'd rather be alone..
Shadow: ...... :hugs her: I know you don't mean that..
Me: ....:hugs him back:...
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I'm sure he'll be fine)
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This is too adorable! <3 definitely going in favorites XD 
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Aww...Dipper is holding one fluffy bird...
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the feels this one has...
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Anypony else getting Over the Garden Wall vibes from this?
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poor dipper...... I really like his charackter and I feel sad when he´s sad
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over 10 deepurrs

they are dippers yes?
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The scene is sad,but also is cute!  :aww:
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Awwwwwww.. Poor dipper. :( I Love your art! The style and pallette is really beautiful :)
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The little birds are so cute--and Dipper himself, of course. The palette is lovely, as always. Good work. :3
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D'aaaww... poor Dipper... I can relate to this... so sad and beautiful...!!! :heart: :love: :heart:
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