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Do not go gentle into that good night...

...Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
For better quality, here is a link:…

Gravity Falls©Alex Hirsch
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Okay. This is absolutely amazing.

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Whenever I read this poem I end up thinking of it as a call to arms against death. If the reaper is going to take me their going to have a fight.

SlytherpotterSAGE's avatar

This poem is AMAZING!!! Did you make it yourself?

Also I love the artwork too

whatsosticky's avatar

thank you!!!! thank you!!!! thank you!!!! thank you!!!! thank you!!!! thank you!!!! thank you!!!! thank you!!!! thank you!!!! thank you!!!!

Thunderson4228's avatar

this is by far great work of art, thank you.

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Please stop making me feel things...
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Fantastic work.  While I have only caught a few of the episodes, I did enjoy each and every one of them.  :)
whatsosticky's avatar

if you haven't seen them, you really should!!

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I just recently got the blu-rays and, while they have been sitting off and to the side, I did watch the first season ... I think I managed to get through the first one without stopping. I need to start again though since it's been a while. :)

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I can't even express with words how amazed and touched I am. Do not go gentle into that good night is my favourite poem, and it's great how it fits the Gravity Falls characters. Bill's induced nightmare was so shocking and sad, and when the kids followed Stan into the unknown... beautiful!
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this is so beautiful. I could write a million words, so I'm just going to leave it at this: You inspire me with this piece.
BreadsticcArt's avatar
geez... you wrote the words too?? 
samuraidemonslayer9's avatar
I never knew how dark this show can be.

probably because of all of the humor
Stygian-Hydra's avatar
Woah I almost cried
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That is my favorite poem
VersedGalaxy775's avatar
This is basicly the main story with rage in a nutshell
Also i love it 
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Dude. This is inspiring. Utterly inspiring.
Liamluigi7's avatar
The quality can't get better.
musicalocelot's avatar
Utterly perfect in every way. I can't believe how well that poem thing fits with Gravity Falls. And the way you matched characters with the different versus was just spot on.
Kaijol's avatar
omg if i could only explain this piece of work with only 1 word, it would be:
i felt as if i was going to cry...
Thank You Cry Sign for this piece of work cherryvioletS.
WraithFaith-unstable's avatar
Holy sweet honey iced tea......
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I really like this piece of work. Although, I do have some questions...
What exactly is the plot of this comic-poem? I really like the art in general, the poem, and the corresponding drawings...but I don't  quite know exactly the main point. Like, what happened to Stan? Are Dipper and Mabel going into the portal?
Don't get me wrong, though. This is good. I like it.
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