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Whirlpool Fishing

I've always wanted to do a top view of a boat on water. It seemed perfect for depicting a whirlpool too. 
With Gilligan's help Tenga manages a real good one for reeling in the fish (and skipping the rambling geezer shtick) 

: Fishing for Boota Begas!

Wyngro Water Element Pixel 7/12 Independent Intermediate Water Magic Wyngro Water Element Pixel 
Wyngro Water Element Pixel 1/3 Create Whirlpools

Golden Wyn 8/4600 Golden Wyn
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ART - CherryTrabbit 
CHARACTER: Tenga - CherryTrabbit
CHARACTER: Argo - CherryTrabbit
CHARACTER: Gilligan - Group NPC
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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH! The way you did the swirls and ripples are so cool! How do you do water so nicely!

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Daw thank you! That would be double the amount of layers than usual and at least 4 different brushes pff

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Fish boi's whirlpool + fishes = profit 😎
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