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Sherriala Goltoro

I drew this while hung over a couple days ago because I've wanted to do an updated version of my first DnD character.
I still play the old version who reincarnated as a Water Genasi but this version is like an Alternative Universe version for using in my own homebrew I'm working on. She's a Moon Elf, a race I kinda put together with ideas I had before Dragon Prince but then I rolled with the inspiration from that too because hella 

Race: Elf
Subrace: Moon Elf 
Class: level 3 Druid / Level 1 Monk 
Subclass: Circle of the Moon (duh)
Focus: Moonstone in staff and moonstone dust tattoos on her cheeks, all of which glow when she casts 
Main Element: Air
Clothing: Her clothing is light and swishy, her cloak has holes to keep it from billowing too much. Shoulder pads and cloak are lined with dandelions that sometimes float about with stronger winds. Her hard bark bracers can snap apart with stretchy leather if she alters her limbs. Otherwise everything morphs with her beast shapes. Her staff is made of Paperbark Cherry wood. 
Fun Facts: Favourite Beastform currently is Giant Elk. Afraid of the dark. Prefers to be barefoot. Perceptive as hell but not really smart enough to always put this to good use. 
Party members:
Zela Lovlac by CherryTrabbit Ryka Soldar by CherryTrabbit Cepheus Vottel by CherryTrabbit Latzon Soldar by CherryTrabbit Blaze Weldslav by CherryTrabbit

Art and character - CherryTrabbit 
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