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Mirror the Dancing Sky

Woohoo what a way to kick into gear again I'm pretty darn pleased with this actually. 
Still riding that chuffed high with these two all official and getting to draw cute stuff, almost a throw back to when the danced waaaay back when: 
WP61 - Swing Dance by CherryTrabbit

+ Swimmer Scales [on tail end]
   = Water Magic Class (row 77)
Could have them so figured why not?

Golden Wyn 6/3883  Golden Wyn
Art and Wish - CherryTrabbit 
Comet - Blue-Rainfall 
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This is gorgeous ♡

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Oh my goodness thank you so much!

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Such a beautifully detailed pic. <3
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Why thank you so much!
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You absolutely outdid yourself with the background!
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Oh I agree definitely one of those one-off's that turns out just like how you imagined it, aha thank you so much! 
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Oh my lord this is too good!!
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Gnaww thank you friend!
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No problem my dude
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This is stunning! The detail in this is so amazing! Your art is really incredible 
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Thank you so much, gaaah that's so sweet ;w;
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This is absolutely gorgeous, I audibly gasped when I saw this :0
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Ah thank you so much, really glad the mess of layers that make the sky do actually make sense 
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Hehe aww man thank you I am amazed at amazing 
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This is some HDR wallpaper quality, hot damn
How does one gain the ability to do this O:?
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Oh my gosh I actually made this my wallpaper 2 minutes after posting and you are not wrong, 2k canvas is top-notch for detail 

Big canvas, small brushes, and pretty picture references. Maybe a bit of reality-warping if one is feeling spicey 
Seriously tho I really need to get jumping on tutorials etc because I wonder how the break down works myself 
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I will never understand how you manage to add so many tiny details into each piece, this is stunning!
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Large canvas + obsession 
Thank you! 
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Hhhh this is gorgeous, absolute babes
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Eeeeheeh thank you so much friend!
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Your art always takes my breath away when you post~~~
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Naww thank you so much aaaah
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