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It Hurts

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Why does she put her back to me, and over you?

Why do you always ruin things?

Why does it hurt?


Hey long time no see ayooo
So I've been working towards a certificate for a job, social events 2-4 times a week and to top it off my glasses' frames snapped?? Lmao but I'm getting back into drawing some gros finally so that's nice akjdakdlkas 
I even missed inktide this year, big sad ): but I just did not have the energy or time to spare 

Golden Wyn 3/4424 Golden Wyn
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Art and Tenga - CherryTrabbit 
Russet - Blue-Rainfall 
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The thing is, if you pass the hurt on to others instead of working through it, the circle of hurt will only continue. And maybe it will come back to you...

Also, that's a strong neck and chest, nice broad shoulders, that punch gotta hurt.

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Too right too right

Of course, but also really nice for lifting up others so it balances out ;D

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Damn! The emotion and the colors just.. *chef kiss* Mwah! Very nice Cherry.

Sorry about your glasses, but good luck with your certificate! Sounds like you're moving forward and keeping busy! :D

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YA thanks Nes! Man I'm pretty chuffed with it myself

Heh yeah I have to have some substitues in the meantime and I'm doing my best thanks man! Always

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Oh, well okay he's just flat out dead at this point, and for once he did nothing, heck

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He's created an aura it's impressive

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Awww yeh give that birb a punch

Man I love this facial expression and pose and the perspective and just, mmm! Delicious.

Poor Tenga, I just want life to work out for him.

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And then, he did

Naw thanks so much, I really worked to get that all across

One day, one day

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My favourite comment on this piece asdjfkhd

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This is what I live for!

D'8> Then again this breaks my heart... This is why communication is important kids! Just tell Kena what an ass Russet is... then again there's no current evidence so.... HECK!

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Ayy good to hear, love some drama myself

Gosh I know right, I delight in putting them through this but objectively the root of the issue is so dumb :')

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thats what makes a story interesting, sometimes the solution is very simple, but the fear of being rejected out of misinterpretation or having it seen as not a big deal (when for you, it is) its kinda reasonable

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