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Family Game Evening

I started this last month for ya birthday bud, but I didn't get in done in time I'm so sorry (how did you do this???) 
Happy (late) Birthday Blue!
Hope you had a fantastic time way back when it was actually happening, or better yet are still have a fantastic time! Oh yes

Any likeness of the game they are playing to Monopoly is purely coincidental, after all we don't want the family to fall apart over then next 4 hours. 
Also they're playing in a mix of solo and teams/pairs so that the kiddos can get involved.

Golden Wyn 15/4652 Golden Wyn
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ART - CherryTrabbit 
CHARACTER: Astraea - Rosedraq 
CHARACTERS: Wish, Artemis, Aristaeus, Loam, Okey-Dokey and Gigglemug - CherryTrabbit
CHARACTERS: Comet, Sirius, Noah, Keigo, Marcie, Pip, Twig, Fable, Bounce and green boo - Blue-Rainfall
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Look at all of the adorable Wynglings! This drawing is just so bright and cheerful. It really lifts my mood to look at it. :D

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Naw thank you so much, pleased as pie that you enjoy it! <3

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this is so wholeome and wonderful

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Chuffed to hear it, why thank you bud~

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I have looked at this for at least 10 minutes now just absorbing in all the details. I cannot work out if Bounce is just chilling on the sofa, of if they're just stuck and have accepted it, either option is entirely fine.

I could ramble on about this pic for hours, thank you so so much!

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Daw glad you like, but also kinda same since it too me so long I've been able to rediscover details I don't remember drawing pffahaha

Both, the latter first rip Bounce

My pleasure my dude, lets not forget you started this. Also drew the first big picture of all of them I still stare at to this day since it's one of my desktop backgrounds :')

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aaa this looks so cozy! I absolutely love the lighting <3

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Man so good to hear bud, that's what I was going for. Thank you much!

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omg this is so wholesome and cute!!! Their house looks very nice and cosy I love <3

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Why thank you!! It helps when I have a 3D model of it to hack the system lmao

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Oh yesss very smart move

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