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Hmm a soft scene tis good 

Golden Wyn 8/4300 Golden Wyn
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Art, Poppy and Brook - CherryTrabbit 
Branch - 88Aurora88 
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I love when you make pics with such pureness and fluff in them. You're so good with them. <3

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Daw thank you, I do like the soft and fluffy myself heh

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And even though Poppy doesn't have fluff, Branch and Brooke do. Which makes them great for the cuddling. :3

Musicalmutt2's avatar

I will never tire of seeing your fluff scenes <3 you're so good at capturing soft and warm feeling in your pieces

CherryTrabbit's avatar

Daw that's good because I'm pretty sure fluff is at least %70 of what I do aha

Ahh thank you uwu <3

AuroraTheTinyDragon's avatar

Hnnng, this scene is just so cute!! I love their tender snoot boop ;0; (Also that hand touch is Custom heart [Ruby Red] . Such sweethearts!) And little Brook is so adorable. Soft scenes are the best.

CherryTrabbit's avatar

Gosh yes I was so going for tender over all else so I'm glad you think so ehe thank you!

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They're too cute! <3 <3

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nwn thank you!! <3

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Cherry: The expert of slice of life fluff. :D

This is so cute. I love the lighting.

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Now that's a title I'd gladly take on!

Eheh thank you!

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